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One of our most common coatings requests are specifications for industrial and commercial unit exteriors. Regular substrates include metal cladding, Plastisol cladding, PVDF roofs and wooden cladding. Below we will discuss the specification provided by Promain at a Home Bargains site in the Midlands. This specification is now regularly used across many Home Bargains stores across the UK.

Initial Contact

Back in 2016, Promain’s technical team were contacted by the maintenance manager at Home Bargains. They need to repaint their new site in Chester-le-Street. Home Bargains purchased the industrial unit from previous tenants The Range. Home Bargains tend to freehold purchase their stores rather than rent them. Therefore, part of the maintenance managers role was the upkeep of the buildings exterior paintwork.

It was decided that a site visit was the best course of action. This way, Promain could fully understand the project requirements and also understand the customers expectations. Mark went to inspect the site in Chester-le-Street in 2016.

Preparation is Key (…Pun Intended!)

Upon Mark’s initial visit to the site, it was discovered that the buildings exterior cladding was PVDF. Also, the roof was constructed from Plastisol. Both common building materials for commercial units, they have quite different requirements for coatings to ensure lasting adhesion.

PVDF is a high purity engineering thermoplastic. It benefits from excellent chemical resistance, abrasion resistance, flame resistance, and UV stability. Therefore, you can find PVDF as chemical tank liners and in other resistant environments. You can identify PVDF from it’s metallic type finish.

Plastisol on the other hand is manufactured as a roofing/cladding product via an extrusion mould. Consequently, you can identify Plastisol from its leathery finish. Aside from cladding, you can commonly find Plastisol as a textile ink for screen-printing. It was also the material used for the manufacturer of toys in the 1960’s and 1970’s.

As shown in the pictures, the exterior of the industrial unit was looking a little worse for wear. To prepare the substrate sufficiently, Mark recommended calling in contractors to sweep blast the exterior walls and roof. This would remove the flaky, failing paint. It would also give the primer and therefore topcoat a good key to adhere to. Kierien from Grit Blasting UK was contracted to perform the preparation. Promain were consulted to find a contractor suitable for application of the roof and cladding coating. We provided a list of contractors of which one was chosen.

Why The Old Paint on The Vertical Cladding Was Flaking Off

As illustrated in the pictures, the unknown grey cladding paint previously applied to the vertical cladding was flaking off in sheets. This often is the result of contractors just using a standard household gloss paint rather than a tailored cladding paint. Also preparation is vital to ensure longevity of the coating and the protection of the asset. On close inspection, the vertical cladding was PVDF.

If PVDF does require painting, there are two forms of preparation that you can use. The first, and bar far the best, is to sweep blast the substrate. This creates a profile for the paint to properly adhere to. However, in instances in areas where blasting is not possible, we recommend the use of an adhesion promoter. Rust-Oleum produce a very good adhesion aid – Rust-Oleum PVDF Primer.

You can read more about adhesion promoters here:
Painting Plastisol Cladding: A How To Guide

Promain’s Specification

Rust-Oleum manufacturer one of Promain’s most popular systems for roofing and cladding. As part of a 15 year specification on metal roofs, this frequently applied system usually involves mechanical preparation and Rust-Oleum Noxyde. Rust-Oleum Noxyde is a versatile product with a well documented history of use. Therefore, you can find Noxyde  coating various metal roofs, cladding, metal walkways and more. You can even find it on the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco!

Mark in our technical team decided this was the route to go down. He therefore contacted the Rust-Oleum Technical Services Manager for commercial projects – Bruce Hawthorne.

Upon discussion with Bruce, a specification was drawn up for this specific store. In conclusion, the overall project involved over 1600 Kg of paint.

Continuation of Promain’s Roof & Cladding Specification

Application of this cladding specification is now repeatedly used on various Home Bargains and similar style commercial units throughout the UK.

Recently, in Summer 2021, the specification was applied at a Home Bargains store in Somerset. The application was applied by local contractors Brush In Hand. The store in Chard, Somerset has brick walls with a metal profile roof. Moreover, this is same system as the original specification was applied to protect the stores roof as it was a risk of rust.

Home Bargain’s management recommended Promain’s technical team to advise the contractors. Therefore, after a discussion with Tony in our Technical Team, a quote was drawn up and the paint was promptly delivered. We received excellent support from Ross and Bruce at Rust-Oleum in regards the job as we work very close with them.

Despite of lack of raw materials during the Coronavirus crisis, Promain had good stocks of various cladding coatings. Finally, we promptly delivered the stock to site ready for preparation and application.

In total, the commercial unit required Brush In Hand to apply over 1780 Kg of paint to protect the metal profile roof. The colours used were RAL 7001, English Red, 10-A-05 and RAL 7032. The job went smoothly and the warranty is now in place for the total asset protection of the site. Furthermore, the warranty covers the site for protection against rust for 20 years.

As a result, you can understand how Promain’s warranty system for commercial roofs and cladding is frequently used throughout the UK.

Home Bargains Chard
Home Bargains Project in Chard

Promain’s Cladding and Roof Solutions

Of course, Promain’s mission is to provide an extensive range of quality durable and cost effective cladding solutions. As a result of this, we have various roof paint solutions available depending on the substrate.

Firstly, take a look at these categories below to see what we have to offer:

Furthermore, if you are looking for a paint system for your commercial units contact us today. After all, we have extensive knowledge on cladding and roof coatings across the UK. Therefore, contact our technical team today to discuss your requirements on 01462 421333.

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