How to Strip Treated Decking and Wood Surfaces

For a fact, even the good looking structures need to have a decorative look once in a while. You can count on Promain for coating advice for How to Strip Treated Decking. Even if you are planning to make a new finish for your decking, wood surface or need of repairing the peeling and fading strips. This has been made easier than you would expect when using Owatrol Prepdeck, high-grade wood stripper.

The Necessary ToolsHow to strip treated decking and wood surfaces

Each task has the tools needed to make the work appealing. When stripping treated decking and wood surface you need;

  • A stiff bristled nylon brush or broom for scrubbing the dirt
  • Synthetic brush for applying prep deck wood stripper
  • Owatrol Prepdeck to remove the old coating
  • Owatrol Net-trol which cleans the wood and makes it brighter

How to Strip Treated Decking: The Procedure

Ensure that you work in an area that can be completed in 15-30 minutes as this ensures neatness.

With the use of a synthetic brush, apply Prep deck wood stripper to remove the old coating and ensure the area to be stripped is clean. Give it some time to work.

Scrub with the bristled nylon brushes to lift the dirt. Ensure you scrub towards the side of the grain/

Rinse with reasonable amount of water with as much water pressure as possible.

When neutralising wood to avoid blistering;

  1. Wet the service with clean water
  2. Apply Owatrol Net-trol using a synthetic brush
  3. Scrub with a stiff brush
  4. Give it ten to twenty minutes then rinse with water

Giving It a New Look

Leave the wood to dry for at least three days. Ensure that you use our Owatrol solutions as they prevent the wood from being damaged by UV rays and moisture. This may include:

  • For a natural look, check out Owatrol Textrol penetrating wood oil which enhances a natural look.
  • Owatrol Decking Paint which comes in different colours and will last for over five years without peeling.
  • Owatrol Aquadecks matt wood finish if interested in a water-based finish available in three shades.

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