How To Remove Mill Glaze

Mill glaze is a condition that occurs on wood during the milling process. The heat applied during the process causes the natural oil within to ooze out when the blades of the plane close the wood pores. The oil produces the glaze that prevents penetration of water or oil coatings or adhesion of film forming coats.

Should I treat my new timber?

Most coating manufacturers recommend that you should leave a newly exposed wood for several months before you treat it. Nevertheless, some advise against it since wood is prone to damage at such a time due to the damping process. The natural moisture comes out quickly and gets absorbed by the timber, causing it to deform, crack or split.

We recommend you use Seasonite new wood protection to protect your new wood if you don’t intend to remove the mill glaze. Apply the Owatrol Seasonite in one generous coat without leaving the end grains. Wash the wood and finish it six to twelve months after when there is nothing like a mill glaze to remove.

You should never use Seasonite on Oak and should contact Promain before using it on any other hardwood.

How To Remove Mill Glaze And Open Timber Pores For Optimum Penetration

We highly recommend you to use Owatrol Prepdeck high-grade wood stripper and Owatrol Net-Trol wood cleaner and neutraliser. They are all products of Owatrol. The following process will show you how to use the products and will ensure that you remove a mill glaze and get a finish that will leave your wood looking excellent.

Applying Prepdeck to remove Mill Glaze

Add one part Prepdeck to four parts of water and rub the solution to the exposed area with a synthetic brush or a roller. You should then scrub the area in the direction of the grain with a deck brush or a stiff nylon brush. If you are using a power washer, set it at 1000-1500 psi.

When you finish, rinse off with plenty of high pressured water still in the direction of the grain.

Neutralising the wood after using Prepdeck

For you to neutralise the timber surface, add one part Net-Trol to four parts of water and apply the solution to the affected wood part with a brush or a roller. Let the solution remain there to work for around twenty minutes then scrub it. In this case, you can still use the stiff nylon brush, a power washer or a deck brush.

Finally, rinse it off with a generous amount of water with high pressure. Don’t forget to work it in the direction of the grain. You can then apply a new finish two days after to allow it time to dry off.


Once you remove the mill glaze, you can select the desired wood finish. Following this process will keep your wood free from damage and keep it looking great for many years to come. It is as simple as it sounds. Protect your wood with these simple steps and enjoy the outcomes you will get.

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