Line Marking Car Parks: The North Monastery College, Cork, Ireland

A recent project using preform thermoplastic line markings was successfully completed on a college in Cork, Southern Ireland. The North Monastery College had undergone a major refurbishment with the resurfacing and marking of the existing internal road network including line marking car park areas.

Requirements For Line Marking Car Parks

The marking requirements included line marking car parks. This includes parking spaces, centreline markings, pedestrian crossings and hatchings in addition to double yellow lines.


Painting contractor Adrian Searles who was already working on site submitted a sample of preformed thermoplastic to architect Bertie Pope Associates for consideration.

Firstly, the architect was impressed with the qualities and consistency of the preform. Finally, he requested the contractor use it.
With minimal training and equipment, Adrian completed over 1000m of lining on the site. Furthermore, he will be doing additional works. This includes using the preform as step edging to identify hazards with red and yellow lines being used. Adrian was also asked to install several handicap spaces using precut symbols as requested by the architect.

In conclusion, Adrian commented that using the preform had increased his opportunities on future projects. With additional training he intends to expand into more preform installations. The architect has now agreed to use the preform on an upcoming school project in the area.

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