How To Obtain A Professional Finish On Your Wooden Floor

When resealing or painting a wooden floor it is important that a professional finish is given to ensure your wood looks it’s best.

First part of the job is finding a suitable product for your requirements. Domestic users can be unfamiliar with referring to technical data sheets. Sometimes people can forget the method of application is almost as important as the applying the correct product.

Our technical team were contacted by a client who had applied an interior wood oil. He had used a medium pile roller onto their wooden hallway. After receiving a few photos from the client, it became apparent that the job had been rushed. This left a ugly, patchy, discoloured finish.

Upon discussion with Osmo, a UK leading manufacturer of wood oils and stains, it was found that the type of roller used was unsuitable for the job.

The Right Tools For The Job

Osmo Professional Finish Floor Brush

Osmo also supply a Floor Brush designed for giving a better quality finish when treating interior wooden floors with waxes, Polyx Oil and more.

When applying products such as Osmo Polyx Oil or even Treatex, you must stir the contents thoroughly. This is before pouring the oil into a paint tray. Under no circumstances pour the oil onto the floor. The reason we say this is that the floor will become oversaturated and leave a stain after spreading.

The correct method of application is to pour the contents into a paint tray. Then dip the brush, and remove the excess oil. Apply in long, even strokes along the grain of the timber flooring. Do not over apply, Osmo suggest a theoretical coverage rate onto an oak floor of 24m2 per litre. Their catchphrase used to be Thin, Thin, Thin!

Osmo recommend the use of their Osmo Roller and Brush Set, as it utilises a 100% seamless microfibre roller that is resistant to solvents. Osmo’s specially designed roller provides optimal yield due to unique structure of the microfibres. This means a high loading capacity with an equally thin release of colour providing a professional finish.

Do you need any advice when it comes to applying a professional finish using wood oil to wooden flooring? Contact our technical team. Promain have a huge range of products for wooden floors click through to read more.

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