Classidur Tradition Case Study: St Faiths Church, Lee-On-The-Solent

Classidur Tradition Tub

At Promain one of the situations we regularly are contacted about are what is required when painting new life into traditional church buildings. In September 2015, our technical team was contacted by the churchwarden’s at St Faiths Church, Lee-On-The-Solent. This was in regards renovation of both the interior and exterior of their premises. Read below to find out more about this Classidur Tradition case study.


Below you can read our specification for the job after an extensive site visit performed by Promain. During the site visit we discovered that the ceilings were showing not only water ingress due to a leak in the roof, but also there was some areas to the ceiling that were showing shadowing.

The expected cause of this was due to air movement caused by heating from the radiators. A survey was conducted to the exterior of the building and the following points were noted. The path had been retarmaced on a number of occasions. This level was now becoming dangerously close to the level of the damp proof course. This can cause moisture to bridge the DPC resulting in damp to the walls. There were large areas of green growth to the brickwork that needed to be removed.

A quick test carried out on the porosity of the brickwork assertianed that the bricks were extremely porous. The general condition of the timber work, especially to the windows was requiring repairs and redecorating.

It was also noted that the exterior metal work such as the gutters and downpipes required the removal of rust followed by a zinc phosphate primer undercoat followed by a durable single pack PU alkyd topcoat.

Read further below to see our full report. Do you require a similar specification for renovating your place of worship? Please contact us so we can discuss the most suitable products for your premises.

The Site Visit


Further to our site visit at St Faiths Church, Lee-On-The-Solent Promain propose the following products. See below for info for your own Classidur Tradition case study.

Construction of the exterior walls is a solid brick wall with a damp proof course. In areas the exterior ground level is extremely close in height to the DPC. This should be addressed.

Interior St Faiths Church

Classidur Tradition Case Study: Interior

Promain noted that there were areas where the paint was becoming delaminated from the existing coating. It also had delaminated from the render. We feel that due to the nature of the chalky surface that at some time the walls have been painted with distemper. More than likely the subsequent paint was further coats of an emulsion.

Introducing Classidur Tradition

Classidur Tradition Tub

Promain’s recommendation is that as much of the paint is removed to reveal a sound surface before 2 coats of Classidur Tradition is applied. It must be noted that even though Classidur is extremely micro-porous, when over coating a coating such as emulsion has taken place the benefit of allowing moisture to transmit through the coating offered by Classidur will be dramatically reduced.

Classidur Tradition will still benefit from offering zero tension. This means that adhesion to old coatings will be extremely good. The ability to withstand mould growth will remain. Promain feel that this is important due to the internal height of the building. It could cause a lack of air movement creating stale air.

Classidur Church Paint

Due to the nature of the high content of titanium in Classidur it is not possible to tint it to the blue. The blue was required for the end wall of the church. For this I propose the use of Keim Optil which can be tinted to the required colour. A colour chart for the Keim products has been left with the church.

St Faiths Church

Classidur Tradition Case Study: Exterior

Further to a quick inspection of the exterior of the church, we feel that the iron works such as the guttering should have a clean. Perform this  with a mechanical wire brush to provide a clean bright surface. 2 systems could be adopted firstly PPG Sigmacover 2, a two pack epoxy coat, followed by Sigmadur 550, a 2 pack polyurethane topcoat. This system is often used on the highways for coating bridges etc. If you feel this is more than you require Promain can offer a single pack system from Centrecoat, the CentreCoat Fast Dry Gloss and CentreCoat Zinc Phosphate Undercoat.

Regarding other areas such as the timber around the windows, we feel that the Rustoleum XPE system would provide a good system that will outlast a typical Dulux specification. If after a more in depth survey it is found that water is penetrating the walls causing damp, (this is often common on solid wall buildings), products such as Sika K501 can be applied.

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