Electric Car Charge Points Available From Promain

From 2022 the government have put into law that developers on sites such as supermarkets and office blocks will be required to install electric car charge points as an aim to get the country greener. This is as part of the government’s bid to reach net zero by 2050.

The government expects this move to lead to 145,000 new charging points each year.

How Promain Can Help

For any new builds from 2022, electric car charging points must be allocated for. Also, existing buildings undergoing renovations that leave them with more than 10 parking spaces will also be subject to the new measures. This also includes new build supermarkets, workplaces and buildings undergoing major renovations.

Promain have extensive experience in the UK road industries. We regularly provide line marking solutions for major services such as UK Highways, Network Rail and London Underground. No matter the location of your electric car charging point we can provide the best solution for your site. Promain offer solutions using either preformed thermoplastic to set designs or your own custom design. Products such as MMA are hard wearing, weather resistant, and a coating that offers a fast return to service. For the environmentally conscious, we offer a range of low VOC water based line marking paints.

Available Solutions For EV Bays

Have a look at our product categories below to see a range of our electric car charging bay solutions available:

Promain are proud suppliers of line marking solutions to London Underground, Crossrail and various supermarkets across the UK. During the drive for more electric car charging bays, we have provided solutions to contractors working at various new developments. We also specify EV bay solutions for existing sites such as ASDA stores.

Bespoke EV Car Charging Identification

We can also provide bespoke line marking colours, thermoplastic designs and stencils upon request.

If your client requires specific branding or unique electric car charging designs for their bays look no further. Promain regularly supply custom designs for companies, schools, office blocks, commercial car parks or trading estates. We can also include logos and custom text within thermoplastic or stencil designs. The limit is your imagination! Working out as cost effective, these durable thermoplastic logos are built to last.

If you need customised parking bay paint, thermoplastic logos or electric car parking stencils, contact us today.

Promain’s Products For Electric Car Charge Points

With allocated parking spaces in dense new build areas and flats, we can expect only some spaces set up for charging in communal housing. Because of this, identification of these special bays is required. With more electric cars on the road, there is going to be more demand for charge points. As a result of this, insuring an electric car once topped up is moved out of the bay ready for another user will be vital. Even worse, the risk of a non electric car using the bays by accident will be more than just an annoyance.

To identify bays quickly and easily, we suggest the use of Centrecoat Electric Car Charging identification. Promain have a range of options available on the shelf ready to go:

Centrecoat Electric Car Charging Stencils

Simply lay the stencil in your bay and paint through the aperture. Stencils are an ideal reusable template for the identification of electric car charging points on roads or parking areas. Suitable for use with aerosols, sprays or paint roller.

We currently have 3 designs available:

On request we can provide bespoke stencils. Contact us today to get a custom design quotation.

We recommend the use of the following paints with our stencils:

Centrecoat Electric Car Charging Thermoplastic Logos

For contractors looking for a more permanent option.

Centrecoat’s premium thermoplastic designs are long lasting, weather and traffic durable and built to withstand constant use.

Thermoplastic EV Charging logos are suitable for use on tarmac or concrete roadways, car parks or parking spaces. The E logo is then heated with a propane gas torch which melts the thermoplastic. This makes the design permanently adhere to the ground.

View the product here >>

For bulk orders or single one off orders we can provide thermoplastic cut to your requirements. If you require a quotation for custom thermoplastic logo design contact our technical team today.

Centrecoat Methyl Methacrylate (MMA)

Suitable for use as a complete colour fill to quickly identify an EV bay. Usually green or blue is used for electric car bays, dependent on disability bay styles used in the local area.

Centrecoat Methyl Methacrylate (MMA) is a 2 pack road line marking paint. Therefore, we recommend it for professional use only. Centrecoat’s MMA offers a durable lifespan of up to 20 years. MMA is ideal for use on tarmac and asphalt. This makes it ideal for car parks and distribution centres requiring a fast return to service.

View the product here >>

The government aim to phase out the use of petrol and diesel cars. This is before sales of them come to an end in 2030. In order to make this aim work, electric cars need to be accessible to all – not just the wealthy.

So far, almost 26,000 publicly available electric vehicle charging devices have been installed. This includes 4,900 rapid chargers. In total so far 250,000 points in homes and workplaces are already in place.


As of the end of 2021, London and the South East have more public car charging points than the rest of England and Wales combined. Promain’s technical team are ready to discuss options for you and your clients. Contact us today on 01462 421 333 to find out more.

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