Mapei Silancolor & Render System Applied In Plymouth New Housing Development

Mapei Render Over Resitex

The use of Mapei’s external render and Mapei Silancolor masonry paint system is now on a plot of 10 new build properties for a Housing project in Plymouth.

Mapei GPR Render

Firstly, the contractors hand apply 3000m2 of Mapei’s render only system. They use Mapei’s Mapewall GPR with a reinforcement layer of Mapetherm Net. This provides a water repellent base coat. A following application of finishing products Silancolor Base Coat primer and Silancolor Tonachino 1.5mm silicon topcoat. The new builds have a medium density block work construction.

The contractors commented “We have been using Mapei’s range of renders now for many years, the new Mapewall GPR render is a pre blended bagged product which when mixed to the required consistency is a dream to use. We experience no shrinkage cracks and the product sponges up well if a paint finish is necessary.”

Mapewall GPR is a general purpose render suitable for rendering and levelling internal and external masonry substrates. Contractors can apply the render in thickness’s up to 15mm per layer, to an overall maximum thickness of 40mm. You can apply Mapetherm Net between layers. The glass fibre mesh is suitable for reinforcing Mapei render only systems, and Mapetherm thermal insulation systems.


Specifying Mapei Silancolor Masonry Paint

Mapei’s Silancolor provides a final, decorative highly water repellent coating, resistant to mould and fungal growth. Based on silicone resin, Mapei Silancolor combines the advantages of traditional mineral based paints and synthetic paints.

Mapei Silancolor

Silancolor Base Coat was initially used to prevent sporadic drying, aid adhesion and give a greater depth of colour. When tinted to the same colour as the finishing coat this can aid the colour strength. This base coat contains quartz granules for preparing cementitious surfaces before the topcoat application. This formulation evens out surfaces, filling defects and improving the bonding of the finish coat.

Furthermore, Promain can tint in house Mapei Silancolor to a wide range of colours. Subsequently, the Mapei Silancolor range provides a UV resistant, durable, long lasting finish to exterior masonry.

Mapei Render and Masonry Paint System

In conclusion, are you looking to use Mapei render or paint systems for external masonry projects? Or are you looking to paint existing render? Contact our technical team today to discuss your requirements with our Mapei trained staff.

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