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Mapei Render Resitex

Promain have extensive knowledge in regards to masonry paint and industrial coatings. With this in mind, we would like to introduce you to a new Mapei system. Formulated for the protection and decoration of park homes, static caravans, welfare units and more across Europe, the product is currently being used by Tingdene Homes.

Introducing Tingdene Homes

Tingdene Homes is one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of residential park homes and holiday lodges. Tingdene opened a new factory in Wellingborough, Northamptonshire in 2017. With nearly 50 years of park home manufacturing expertise, Tingdene continue to develop their building materials and ancillaries to keep to the highest standard possible. Built by a 200-strong workforce, the homes are constructed using modern materials and precise care and attention.

Mapei Render Over ResitexTingdene Homes and Resitex Coatings

The majority of the external masonry coatings for Tingdene Homes previously used Resitex. Many leading park home manufacturers and refurbishment companies utilise Resitex as standard for their external masonry decoration.

Due to the constant demand for more cost effective, long lasting, more durable methods and products to externally protect and decorate their park homes, Tingdene also now offer a system by Mapei as a flexible render system for future builds.

Mapei’s Alternative System to Resitex

As of June 2018, Tingdene’s factory based in Wellingborough have adopted a new 10 year warranty backed system from manufacturer Mapei. This state-of-the-art render system is now the top choice for their new park homes. After extensive research and development, Mapei produced an external render system that is the revolutionary next step in render engineering.

Mapei Render Facade System

The park home masonry paint system is as follows:

  1. Treat the substrate with Malech Primer
  2. Mapetherm Flex RP 0.5mm (tinted to match the customers preferred colour for the topcoat)
  3. Mapei Mapetherm Net (embedded into Mapei Mapetherm Flex RP)
  4. Elastocolor Tonachino Plus 1.2mm (tinted to pastel colours)

This system is tintable to a full range of RAL and BS colours as well as many colours from leading paint manufacturers colour fans. Promain can tint these products in house via our Mapei tinting facility.

Benefits of The Mapei Park Home Render System

There are a multitude of benefits to the new Mapei park home render system. For example, the elastomeric properties within the render prevent water ingress damage via cracking through movement.

With the Resitex conventional render system, park homes, whether new or old, required regular 2-3 yearly recoating. This was done to uphold the manufacturers guarantee. This consisted of a Resitex colour wash after the initial 2 years and subsequently every 3 years thereafter. The new innovative Mapei 10-year coloured render system has a product guarantee for 10 years. After the first 10 years, an additional 10 years warranty is applicable by recoating with a topcoat. This is either in Mapei Elastocolor or Silancolor Plus depending on the location of the park home. This results in approximately £8,000 of savings, due to the minimal labour time and materials required.

Mapei’s Bioblock technology also ensures that the product is resistant to mould and algae. This will keep your park home protected in this Mapei system staying bright, fresh and clean for many years to come. All Mapei products with Plus within their name contain this technology helping to resist fungicidal growth in coastal or exposed areas.

This system is ideally suited for application to timber framed structures. Furthermore, this is due to it’s elastomeric flexibility. Furthermore, it is also suitable for masonry surfaces e.g. park homes, portable buildings, timber sheds, fences, bricks, blocks, roof tiles and concrete, etc.

In short, which of the below would you prefer as an end user?


Tingdene Park Homes

Subsequently, Tingdene’s Quality Assurance Manager, Phil Harold commented:

‘The new Mapei render system has been a ground-breaking improvement to the manufacture of park homes.  Additionally, this low-maintenance option not only saves the customer time and money, but allows the home to remain looking in perfect condition for the first 10 years of its life.’

In the future, we can see other park home manufacturers such as Manor Park Homes, Omar, Prestige, Stately Albion, Homeseeker, Wessex, Pathfinder, Country Homes and others adopting this new, low maintenance, warranty backed system.

In conclusion, if you are looking for any of the below, Promain is here to help:

  • Render for Mobile Homes
  • Prefab Home Render
  • Prefab Home Paint
  • Modular Home Render
  • Portable Cabin Render
  • Portable Cabin Paint
  • Mobile Home Paint
  • Welfare Unit Render
  • Portable Building Render
  • Portable Building Paint

Subsequently, do you manufacturer or refurbish park homes, static caravans or welfare units? Are you looking for an alternative to Resitex coatings? Contact our technical team to discuss reliable, durable alternatives to other external masonry paint systems.

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