Mapei Render System For Application Over Resitex

Mapei Render Over Resitex

A customer recently contacted our technical team looking to update their Resitex textured render with a smooth more modern finish. We would like to extend knowledge about this system to the rest of our client base below.

Issues With Textured Renders Such As Resitex

There are a number of textured masonry paint coatings available on the market. Promain provide a comprehensive range of textured render paint from manufacturers such as Glixtone Carrs, Mapei and Rustoleum. The customer that recently contacted us however, had just purchased a property with a coating of Resistex on the exterior masonry.

Mapei Render Over Resitex

Resistex produce a range of masonry paints ranging from heavily textured, thick coatings such as Resifine to more subtle finer finishes such as Resitex Rendertex.

Old textured coatings can have many issues once settled. Due to the structure of the finish, algae and moss can easily grow within the valleys of the coating. The moisture can penetrate the coating creating cracks, as well as creeping between the coating and substrate, delaminating the coating. Also, this water can cause damage to the substrate, especially if it is a plywood board.

Stagnant rain water collecting on the surface can also exasperate this issue. Some modern textured masonry paints overcome this problem by being highly water repellent (hydrophobic) and or by being hygienic.

If your property is located on a busy urban street with a high volume of traffic immediately in front of the building, textured render fascias have a tendency of collecting carbonation within the texture.

Some variants of textured masonry paints are less elastomeric than others. This means the coating is less flexible when subject to movement. This is normally causes noticeable stress on the coating and or signs of cracking around windows. This leads to possible water ingress which can cause damage to the fabric of the building. If possible it is important to solve these potential issues before they become expensive.

Benefits of The Mapei Render System Versus Textured Renders

There are a number of benefits of the below Mapei system over Resitex whether or not it is just a smoother render appearance you are after. This Mapei Render System is more low maintenance without the need of refreshing every 2 years, offers better weathering due to the built in bio-block technology, bridges cracking in below existing textured coatings.

This system also provides a 10 year manufacturer backed product warranty.

Customers using this system as an alternative to Resistex would save costs on labour and product as the years went by. This is mainly due to the requirement from Resitex to recoat their render systems with their Colourwash product every two years. This therefore is a huge selling point to customers.

The guarantee can be extended by a further ten years after the initial ten years have passed. This can be done by simply recoating the system with Mapei Elastocolor after cleaning. This is ideal if your customer likes to keep up with the Jones’ and change the colour of their property frequently!

Elastocolor is tintable to over 30 thousand industry standard colours as well as designer shades from leading names.

The Mapei Render System

Promain recommend an anti fungal wash to ensure all organic growth is removed prior to painting if your external render is suffering from algae and moss growth. Promain provide various fungicidal washes such as Centrecoat’s GS36 or Mapei Silancolor Cleaner Plus. These important products are vital to ensure the longevity of an external paint coating.

Mapei Mapetherm Flex Tingdene

Once the fascia is properly clean and treated with a fungicidal wash, Promain recommended the following Mapei render system to refresh your customers fascia:

  1. Mapetherm Flex RP 1.5mm (tinted to match the customers preferred colour for the topcoat)
  2. Mapei Mapetherm Net (embedded into Mapei Mapetherm Flex RP)
  3. Elastocolor Tonachino Plus 1.2mm (tinted to pastel colours)


A reputable plasterer can apply this system. As always, follow product data sheets available on our website for the products required. See video below:


Introducing Mapei Mapetherm Flex RP

Mapei Mapetherm Flex RPMapei Mapetherm Flex RP is a cement free, fibre-reinforced, lightweight, elastic, skimming paste and base coat. This base coat and reinforced skim coat is resistant to biological agents and is suitable in masonry systems for external use. Mapetherm Flex RP is tintable in house via Promain’s colouring service. This product is also available in two texture grades (0.5 mm and 1.5 mm).

This product is applied in 2 coats, embedding a strengthening glass fibre mesh of Mapetherm Net.

Introducing Mapei Elastocolor Tonachino Plus, 1.2mm

Mapei Elastocolor Tonachino PlusMapei Elastocolor Tonachino Plus is a flexible, water repellent, mould & algae resistant elastomeric plaster. This paint is ideal for low maintenance of external walls. This is ideal for mobile homes, park homes, portable buildings, modular buildings, welfare units and more.

Available in most RAL and BS colours, this product is tintable upon request to many leading manufacturers and designer colours such as KEIM.

Mapei Elastocolor Tonachino Plus is a fibre-reinforced elastomeric coating which, thanks to its high elasticity, including at low temperatures, has the capacity to follow and absorb small deformations in substrates. Also, the fibres contained in the product form an interwoven strengthening matrix, similar to “non-woven” fabric, with the capacity to withstand deformations in the coating and to hide any hairline cracks in the finishing layer.

Mapei Elastocolor Tonachino Plus is ideal as a fibre-reinforced, rustic effect coating for all new, old or painted surfaces. It is also perfect for masonry with hairline cracks, or surfaces in areas where particular local climatic conditions facilitate the growth of algae and mould. All Mapei products with “Plus” in their title contain Bio-block technology. This ensures that the product is resistant to the biological attack of mould and algae. This is vital in exposed coastal areas or properties surrounded by trees.


One of the major benefits of this system is the ease of maintenance for home owners. For example, if the render has been soiled or stained with dirt, atmospheric pollution or water, warm soapy water can be used to clean the substrate via sponge. A nylon brush can be used if a light scrubbing is required.

Light power washing may be used with care; do not put nozzle close to the surface and extra care taken at junctions. Stubborn stains may require several washes to remove them. Stains from other contaminates such as oil, exhaust fumes, paints, or similar may require the use of a proprietary stain remover. As normal, this should be trialled in a small inconspicuous area.

A recoat of a Mapei approved paint maybe the only option if you cannot clean stains. However, we would recommend contacting our technical team before you get to this stage.


We have had a number of customers that are incredibly happy with this Mapei render system. This system adds value to customers properties, providing a clean, modern, quality finish. Due to the 10 year product warranty, this system is frequently being specified by the technical team at Promain over Resitex and other existing textured renders.

Are you looking to replace textured Resitex render systems with a smooth, crack bridging, elastomeric finish? Contact our technical team to discuss your requirements today to find out more about Mapei Render Systems with Promain.

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