Decorating a Wooden Playhouse

Wooden playhouses come in different variations to suit different tastes of children. Some may be large, others are small, some maintain the traditional looks while others are quirky. A good thing about them is that there is the option of construction one by yourself.

Irrespective of the kind of playhouse you have, one of the important aspects in prolonging the life of a wooden playhouse is finishing it by applying simple wood preservation methods.

Decoration Plans

The only restriction on the decoration project at hand is your level imagination. You see, when it comes to decorating a wooden playhouse, you have to float some decoration ideas with the help of your child to come up with something of their liking. Perhaps, you may need to consider the following aspects at this stage;

  • Natural or colourful finish
  • Patterns or designs.
  • Interior décor.
  • Lighting.


Prepare any wooden surface for finishing. Check the wooden playhouse for any rough surfaces and sharp edges to smoothen them, as the main users of this house are children. No one wants their kids injured from splinters or cuts from sharp edges.

Smoothening the surfaces by sanding is usually effective ways of preparing timber for finishing. The timber must be ready to make it waterproof, to prevent moisture from getting inside the house. Check for cracks and holes that may allow the penetration dirt or pests.

Owatrol Net-Trol wood cleaner, a top quality cleaner, ensures that the timber is clear from dirt, grease and contaminants.

For a brand new wooden playhouse, try a single coat of Owatrol Seasonite New Wood Protection. Leave it for 6-12 months to dry up before going on with the finish. New wood, covered with mill glaze, prevents penetration of moisture while enhancing the looks of a perfect finish. Through this, you will have prevented warping and splitting of wood, a common phenomenon in now woods. Do not apply Owatrol Seasonite on oak wood.

Natural Look

To preserve the natural look of timber, try using Owatrol Textrol Penetration Wood Oil. It penetrates into the wood, maintaining and enhancing the natural look of the wood.

Apply Owatrol Textrol wet on wet. Ensure the first coat dos not dry up and then add the second. Owatrol Textrol offers additional protection on wood, keeping away damage caused by humidity and UV rays. You will incur minimal cost when it comes to maintenance. Owatrol Textrol comes in six different colours.

For water based finish on timber, try Owatrol Aquadecks. It comes in three colours, giving a natural look on wood through a matt finish. With it, you save the wood from harmful sun rays, warping, splitting and warping. Apply it two wet on wet coats.

Colourful Playhouse

To match the playhouse with the colour of your surroundings, us a dark timber finish like Owatrol Solid Colour Stain. It is an all in one wood treatment and finish, sure of protecting the house from elements like moisture and sun rays. It is easy to apply, only two coats needed and minimal maintenance.

More fundamentally is its longevity. Owatrol Solid Colour Stain protects timber against peeling or flaking for up to five years. Follow the instructions on how to apply it, for the paint to last. The colour comes with up to 52 shades, and you may need sample pots to try it.

Try classic looks. Paint the exterior with one simple colour, but another for the door and window frames. Add a light shade for the house’ interior. It will add more light to inside, complementing light from the little windows.

Best Way to Paint

Use top to bottom method. It prevents drips on already painted surfaces. Also, paint the doors and windows last, especially if you intend to use a separate colour. Ensure the paint dries out as per the manufacturer’s instructions while trying not to drip any paint on the grass.

Personalisation of the Interior

Once you finish painting the outside, go ahead and personalise the surfaces. Draw everyday patterns and shapes using stencils and little brushes. You can add anything, from your children’s names to the pets.

You may opt to use a wallpaper or children’s artwork instead of painting the interior. Also, consider the following;

  • Add curtains or other soft furnishings
  • Need for additional furniture like a kitchen
  • Activities inside the house

Final Touches Ideas

  • Lighting, battery or mains powered
  • Floor mat, to prevent dirt on the flooring
  • Matching fabric
  • Additional furniture such as tables and chairs
  • Cushions or beanbags
  • Shelves and board games

All in all, the only limiting factor to coming up with a real playhouse is your imagination. Try involving your family and see how fun it is constructing a durable playhouse.

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