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Did you know Promain are the UK’s largest distributor of Coovar paint products? Read our article today to find out more about Coo-Var and the paint solutions they provide. Promain are proud to be the UK’s largest coo var paint stockists.

History of Coovar

Coovar is a company based in Hull who also own the brand name Teamac. Teamac is the industrial side of their business. Teamac started off producing paint coatings for the marine industry on the east coast of England. Their coatings have been used since 1908 on fishing boats and sea faring vessels. This includes marine varnishes, boot toppings, topcoats, undercoats, anti-fouling, bilge paints and more.

The CooVar Paint Range

Coovar have built a reputation with local authorities as well as schools and decorators for providing paints and coatings. Their professional coatings focus on solving problems rather than just providing decorative solutions. Coovar have long been known for their anti-slip paint called Suregrip. Suregrip is used in many mariners for providing slip resistance to steps, ramps and jetties.

Coovar do not just deal in anti slip products though! They have a wide range of products from floor paints for factories, metal paints, swimming pool paint and even paint for sports halls and tennis courts.

Specialist Coovar paints include:

Coovar P101 Polyurethane Floor Varnish

Coo-Var P101 Polyurethane Varnish is a varnish that offers users an exceptionally durable finish for commercial and industrial sites. It has excellent colour retention qualities and works to protect against UV light. Coo Var P101 Polyurethane Varnish can be used internally in sports halls to offer a varnished finish to gymnasiums, badminton courts, 5-a-side football pitches, netball courts and other sports hall environments.

View Coovar P101 PU Floor Varnish on our website here >>

Coovar Solar Reflecting Paint

Available in either aluminium or white, Coovar Solar Reflecting Paint is designed to reflect and dissipate heat and sunlight from flat roofs. It works by reflecting the sun’s UV rays, helping to reduce heat build up inside the property. Suitable for use on stable roofing felt, concrete wood and brick, the paint is touch dry after 3 hours and reaches full hardness in 5-7 days.

View Coovar’s Solar Reflective Paint in White or Aluminium on our site >>

Coovar C264 Vandalene Anti-Climb Paint

Coo-Var C264 Vandalene Anti Climb Paint is a thick non-drying paint that provides a slippery surface, preventing intruders from being able to get a grip. It also contains a hidden identifier, this means that should it come into contact with the intruders clothing, it can clearly be identified as Vandalene. This puts them right at the scene of the crime. This is a great product to help with the prevention of copper cable and lead theft. Make sure you abide by the law and display an ‘Anti Climb Paint’ sign when using this product.

View Coovar C264 Anti-Climb paint on our website >>

Coovar Swimming Pool Paint

Coovar offer various swimming pool paints to meet your needs. Their main swimming pool paint is a premium chlorinated rubber finish coat, which is formulated for the long life protection of your pool. It is suitable for both indoor and outdoor pools as well as other areas where moisture is present such as changing rooms, showers and laundries.

Coovar P101 2 Pack PU Swimming Pool Paint is designed for use in environments where a protective layer is essential. As a two part paint, you will need to mix the two components together using a paddle mixer. You will require a minimum of two coats in order to ensure you get the best results.

If you are unsure which swimming pool paint is best for you, you can read further details on both products on our website. Alternatively, you can contact our Technical Team who will be happy to discuss your requirements and offer the best solution.

Coovar Q142 Squash Court Paint

Q142 Squash Court Paint has been specifically designed for use on squash court surroundings, especially above the red playing line. Squash Courts can often get humid as it is such a fast pace game. This paint allows the release of any moisture without damaging the paint. It has a quick drying matt finish, meaning the court does not need to be out of action for a long period during application.

Find out more about Coo var Q142 Squash Court Paint on our website >>

Coovar Luminous Paint

Fire exits and escape routes are just two examples of where you can find luminous paint. Luminous paint is highly visible and glows in the dark. This means users can find exits easily, even in poor lighting. It achieves its glow in the dark after exposure to light. When there is no light, the paint will eventually fade until it is exposure to light again. Coo Var Luminous Paint consists of a foundation undercoat, a luminous colour and a protective sealer. You can apply this product to metal, wood, plaster and fibreglass. It is also suitable for both interior and exterior use.

Find out more about Coovar Luminous Paint here >>

Coo-Var D125 Glocote Fluorescent Paint

Promain have an excellent range of Fluorescent Luminous Paints that will provide surfaces with a decorative, bright finish for high visibility. Coo-Var D125 Glocote Fluorescent Paint is available with a foundation base, clear protective base as well as 5 fluorescent colours. It is ideal for use in areas where visibility can often be difficult. The hi-vis finish makes it perfect for use on a range of different objects such as skips, bollards, ships and bridges to name just a few!

Find out more about Coo-Var D125 Glocote Fluorescent Paint on our website >>

Coovar Yacht and Seaplane Varnish

Wooden boat and yacht surfaces typically require a UV resistant finish with an element of water resistance too. Coovar Yacht and Seaplane Varnish is the perfect solution for decking that has become worn out due to exposure to sunlight and the harsh conditions on open water. Easy to apply using a brush, roller or airless spray, this varnish will not only provide excellent protection but also a great gloss finish to make you the envy of the yacht club!

Introducing Coo Var Pro Floor

Coo Var Profloor is an exceptionally hard wearing water based 2 pack epoxy floor and wall coating, which dries to an off-gloss finish. Whilst this may not be the cheapest solution to your floor requirements, it is well worth the investment. It is ideal for use in heavy traffic areas for foot traffic, trucks, vans and forklifts, both inside and outside. Using a good quality product such as Coovar Profloor will save you extra work in the future.  Therefore, it will eventually save you money too!

Coovar Q225 Profloor Plus

is an industrial quality, heavy-duty floor paint for use in industrial, mechanical and commercial environments, from factories to stadiums and other high wear public places. Furthermore, it is available in a range of colours from Poppy Red to Flint Grey, drying to a gloss finish. Profloor Plus is also available as an anti-slip version.

Coovar Profloor Plus Fast Hardening

Firstly, when time is of the essence, Profloor Plus FH (fast hardening) is the perfect solution. This is a two pack, solvent free epoxy resin coating. This means it will give you the ability to allow the laying and re-coating of a surface within the same day. Ensure you follow the application guidance to reach this speed of drying. Profloor Plus is particularly useful in the re-coating of areas which require minimal delay or downtime.

Coo-Var Profloor Plus FH (Fast Hardening) ideal for use in showrooms, display areas, supermarkets, warehouses and workshops.  Furthermore, being low odour, it is also ideal for use in the food industry. This makes it ideal for preparation, processing, storage areas, bakeries, dairies and breweries etc. Therefore, within these areas solvent based products are unsuitable.

You can find out more about these and other floor coatings offered by Promain by visiting our Industrial Floor Paint page.

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