Introducing Rustoleum Primers

Rust-Oleum have a wide range of primers suitable for all sorts of projects i.e. cladding jobs and structural steel etc. Generally, these don’t come with warranties but very good life expectancies. To find out more about the Rustoleum primers available from, read below!

Rustoleum Primers For Cladding

Rust-Oleum’s Metal Cladding Primer is suitable for zinc, aluminium, Plastisol as well as bare steel. This innovative primer provides corrosion protection even though it is quite a thin coating with a coverage of 12.5m²/l. As part of a system, contractors can use Metal Cladding Primer in conjunction with Metal Cladding Topcoat. This system is purely cosmetic, it doesn’t offer waterproofing, and you should never use it on roofs.

Rustoleum Peganox is the brushable version of Rust-Oleum Noxyde. This version is a lot thinner and spreads slightly further. However, it is a Rustoleum paint and primer in one like Noxyde. Due to its low viscosity, you should only apply Peganox in up to C4 environments. However, it will offer corrosion protection and waterproofing on ferrous and non-ferrous steel.

If you intend on painting cladding in the Winter months you will need a different cladding primer. For when temperatures don’t venture much above 5°C and the moisture levels are high, we recommend Noxyde Pegarust a solvent based coating. Pegarust has much the same properties as Noxyde.

Rust-Oleum offer a 10 year warranty on roof and vertical cladding.

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Promain’s own brand Centrecoat have a cladding coating that provides a solution all year round called Centrecoat Cladding Protect. Again, similar to the Noxyde range it is a primer and finish in one. Due to its high solvent content via Xylene, Cladding Protect provides fantastic adhesion to a variety of surfaces. It is also extremely fast drying which is important during winter months.

Rust-Oleum Primer and Paint For Asbestos

Nowadays, asbestos cement wall and roof cladding is becoming older and older and is very expensive to dispose of. Rather than removing the cladding people are deciding to seal it using paint and leave it in-situ. This will extend its lifetime.

Due to the old and friable nature of asbestos cement, after carrying out the correct preparation, we recommend applying a coat of the Rust-Oleum Primer 44HS. This will will stabilize the loose particles of the substrate. 44HS Rust Oleum grey primer will also prevent the asbestos cement from absorbing the following Dacfill topcoat. This will in turn helps keep costs down.

Rust-Oleum Concrete Primers

You can also use Rustoleum 5401 Impregnation Primer in a very similar way on particularly porous concrete. Promain regularly specifies this innovative primer to seal a concrete slab prior to applying an extremely durable two-pack epoxy floor coating.

Rustoleum Primers For Walls

You may be looking for a Rustoleum primer for porous masonry surfaces such as lime and sand and cement render or natural stone. If that is the case we would suggest Pegafix Universal Primer.

You can use Pegafix prior to application of many Rust-Oleum masonry topcoats.

Rust-Oleum Primers For Rusty Metal

When it comes to corrosion protection Rust-Oleum have an extensive range of rust inhibiting primers. These Rustoleum primers are ideal for various conditions of steel such as steel covered in rust, galvanised steel, shiny steel, & prepared steel.

Rust-Oleum’s flagship primer is their 769 Damp Proof Rust Primer. Rust-Oleum 769 benefits from a unique formulation based on fish oil. You can apply 769 Rustoleum Paint Primer on a slightly damp rusty steel surface. Ensure to firstly mechanically clean the metal. It is useful for many applications especially hard to get to areas. This Rust-Oleum Primer for Metal is also ideal when time is of the essence.

Another ideal Rustoleum Primer for Rusty Metal is Rust-Oleum 569. 569 Quick Drying Metal Primer is often useful when you need to overcoat with a topcoat quickly. However, bear in mind the steel must be clean to Sa2½ or St3 standard and has to be dry. A full range of our metal paint topcoats are available on our website.

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