Using Bedec Barn Paint To Renovate a Go Karting Centre

Last Summer, Promain were contacted by Rogue Leisure to provide paint and building repair materials for their newly purchased warehouse. Rogue Leisure wanted to utilise one half of the unit as a go karting circuit. The other half was a bowling alley as they had out grown their previous premises. Read on to find out how Promain specified Bedec Barn Paint was used internally on the brick walls and ceiling to give an atmospheric, quality finish.

From August 2016 until February 2017, Rogue Leisure and Promain worked together to bring the warehouse unit up to standard ready for opening to the public.

Walls & Ceiling Paint

To make the unit less industrial and more atmospheric, the client requested the walls and ceiling to be painted black. The client intended to have the skylights removed, favouring floodlights to give a Abu Dhabi night time ambience. This would help the unit become less industrial.

bedec barn paint

Promain recommended a matt finish to help disguise the ducting and cable channels housed in the ceiling. Matt black would also help give the unit a less distracting, less reflective finish to help the kart drivers. Matt black paint is typically used in nightclubs to give more of a dramatic, designer look.

As the walls and ceilings were such a massive area, the paint Promain was to recommend needed to be economical but also able to successfully cover brickwork, the steel beams and profiled metal roof sheets.

Introducing Bedec Barn Paint

Promain’s technical team specified Bedec Barn Paint as it was felt this was the most suitable product to be used on the range of substrates present inside the building. As a water based paint, Bedec Barn Paint is low odour and easy to apply and offer an extremely matt finish.

bedec barn paintBedec Barn Paint is ideally suited to provide protection to exterior or interior wooden, metal and plastic cladded buildings. Bedec Barn Paint can also be applied to previously painted surfaces.

Due to the vast wall and ceiling area totalling 52,800m2, Promain recommended application of the Bedec Barn Paint to be done via an airless sprayer. This ensured a good finish with the added benefit of fast application, minimising arm fatigue.

After discussion with the team at Rogue Leisure, a Tri-Tech Airless Spraying machine was chosen as the preferred kit. Promain sourced the airless sprayer after a thorough discussion with the manufacturer. As Aylesbury isn’t too far from Promain’s head office, a member of our technical team was able to visit the site for peace of mind.


To prepare for the application of the paint, the walls and ceiling were thoroughly brushed to remove all loose, flaking material. This was done using a hired cherry picker. Afterwards, the walls and ceiling were washed using an appropriate cleaner. The surfaces were then cleaned with water via sponges to agitate the dirt. This ensured a clean surface ready for the paint to adhere to.

bedec barn paint

Once the surfaces had thoroughly dried, application of the Bedec Barn Paint in Matt Black could commence to the exposed brickwork and the profiled metal roof. They applied a total of 440 litres to the full ceiling and walls.

Floor Preparation

As the unit was previously used as a warehouse, the concrete floor had had minimal maintenance by the previous owners. To get a thorough understanding of the flooring requirements, Promain requested a site visit from our Mapei rep to decide the best course of action.

Upon inspection, Mapei found there to be a multitude of cracks upon the floor areas at ground level. To rectify this, Mapei recommended the use of their Mapegrout SV T system.

Mapegrout SV T is a quick-setting and hardening thixotropic mortar for repairing concrete. As an ideal product for repairing ramps, Mapegrout SV T was also recommended for the seams between the scaffolded route as the track changed levels.

Due to the nature of go kart tyres, a specialist circuit painting company was brought in. This was to ensure noise and skidding was kept to a minimum. The product that was eventually used was by one of Promain’s extensive list of quality manufacturers, Sika Liquid Plastics.

Line Marking

Rogue Leisure finally required line marking for parking of the go karts as well as around the edge of the entire track including cross hatched areas. At a total of 500 linear metres of line required the line marking needed to be heavy duty and formulated to last.

Promain’s technical team recommended use of Centrecoat’s Chlorinated Rubber Line Marking. This quality line marking paint gives good adhesion to the new floor coating. It is also easy to clean tyre marks from. This was applied using the Centrecoat Line Marking Machine rather than the airless sprayer they had used for the walls. This offered a much crisper and sharper edge to the lines.

bedec barn paint

Centrecoat’s Chlorinated Rubber Line Marking is a single pack, fast drying line marking paint. It is touch dry after 15 minutes, with full cure after as little as 4 hours. This line marking paint is popular for areas such as car parks, airports, parking bays, roadside parking areas. It is also suitable for any area where you require line demarcation. This includes internally, on areas such as indoor car parks or externally on road surfaces.

With good chemical resisting properties, this road line marking paint is fine with oil and petrol spillages. It also will help to protect the floor coating. Go kart tyres exert huge amounts of pressure during turns. This pressure can delaminate line markings if you use the incorrect product.


Rogue Leisure were incredibly happy with the overall finish of the go karting track. The site is now fully open and ready to take bookings. Visit their website here

If you need any advice regarding Bedec Barn Paint internally or externally contact our technical team on 01462 421333. Alternatively, if you are looking for line marking paint, visit our extensive shop category here. Promain’s technical team can also be contacted via email through our contact page.

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