Stream A Clean Package With Elite Multi Connector

Non Hazardous
An ideal solution to cleaning fascias, soffits and uPVC's up to 40ft from the ground.
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Product Description

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The Stream A Clean Package with Elite Multi Connector can be used to clean up to 40ft, 4 storeys high with the Elite poles with Multi Connector fitted. Carbon Fibre is extremely lightweight and very robust helping the pole clean at heights with great ease and precision. It easily breaks down algae and dirt without the need for dangerous ladders.

Best Uses

The Stream A Clean is best used for cleaning:

  • Underside of gutters
  • Soffit boards
  • Fascia
  • Cladding


Simply slot the Elite Multi Connector in to the SkyVac Elite Suction Poles (sold separately) to add an extra dimension to the Elite Poles. With the connector fitted, thread the fly lead (window cleaning hose) up through the Elite poles and out of the hole in the Elite Connector to connect onto the uPVC cleaning brush.

Extend the Elite poles up to your required height. As the water enters the detergent chamber, it mixes the correct consistency of water with detergent and transports up to the cleaning head.

Technical Details

Included as Standard

  • 10in Flocked Head Assembly and 16m Fly Lead
  • Steel Hose Reel with 100m of 8mm ID Hose
  • Elite Multi Connector
  • Detergent Feeder with Holster
  • 5 Litres of Stream a Clean Multi-Purpose Cleaning Solution


  • 8mm ID Micro bore hose Length 100m
  • Steel Hose Cart
  • Fly Lead 10m
  • Stream a Clean Detergent 5L

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