About Seasonal Categories

As our expertise is specialist paints and coatings, there are many specific requirements to do with substrate temperatures, potential of rain in exterior environments, dry time and relative humidity when it comes to maintaining or applying new paints. To make this as simple as possible, we have produced a broad rough guide to our more confusing categories whether you are experienced in painting systems or not. Remember of course to refer to individual products data sheets before painting any substrate to save yourself both time and money. 

If you need any advice with whether the product you are intending to use is best suited to the time of year you wish to apply it, please contact our technical team where they are always ready to help.


After the cold months, now is the time to check exterior woodwork such as fencing or decking which typically requires a treatment with one of our range of anti mould cleaners. While you are at it, check driveways and patios to maintain your area against moss and mould. For schools, gyms or parks, maintenance of tennis courts, playground furniture or pools would need to be done now ready for the best summer months.
Before the weather gets too warm it is best to repaint any lines if required with our thermoplastic line. Coincide this job with any concrete repair to save time and contractor fees. Meanwhile at home, repaint any mouldy bathroom walls or ceilings with anti-fungal, hygienic coatings now that windows can be opened as the weather picks up. Any boats that were not maintained in Autumn when they may have been removed from the water can now be recoated with suitable marine paints ready for Summer.


During the warmest months of the year, it is the perfect time to get outdoors and do any maintenance to exterior walls, roof tiles or industrial roofs or plastisol cladding. With schools and universities closed, this season is ideal for re coating sports halls, tennis and squash courts, updating playground graphics or updating areas such as school canteens, PE changing rooms or sick room with hygienic floor and ceiling paint. The summer is also the perfect time to paint garage floors as not only the paint will dry quicker in the warmth, but also all your tools and equipment will not get damaged outdoors with less risk of rain.


Get ahead of the game by getting your flat roofs and gutters leak proof before Winter with our extensive range of quality waterproofing products. Autumn is also the ideal time to get any metalwork protected from rust with one of our specialised corrosion protection coatings. At home, prepare your decking, ramps or walkways with anti slip sheeting, coatings and aggregate to ensure everyone is safe during the darker, colder months. Typically, smaller boats will be taken out of the water for protection over Winter so it is an ideal time to perform any maintenance of topside decks, metalwork or super structures.


With seasonal shutdowns of warehouses and offices over the festive period, this time is a perfect opportunity to perform any disruptive maintenance on floor or wall coatings in your premises.
Once your floors are sufficiently protected by one of our impressive two coat or one coat systems, why not update warehouse lines and markings with our anti slip tapes for interiors. This will protect your staff and clients from potential ice, leaves or water brought in from outside. With the darker months it is important that exits are visible – update your escape routes with our florescent or glow in the dark aerosols and paints.