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Please note these colours are for guidance only. Variations between output devices can misrepresent the appearance of an actual colour.
We strongly advise that you order your complete paint requirements simultaneously to ensure a uniform batch colour.

London Underground Line Marking

The below colours are the industry standard for LuL line marking:

Colour Swatch NCS Code
White White NCS 0500N
Yellow Yellow NCS 0580 Y10R

TfL Corporate Colours

Transport for London have a set of Corporate colours which are used across the business units, specific modes of transport, safety signs and certain London Underground lines. This section gives a quick reference to all the Transport for London Corporate colours.

Colour Swatch NCS Code
Corporate Blue Corporate Blue NCS S 3560-R80B
Corporate Dark Grey Corporate Dark Grey NCS S 7010-R90B
Corporate Black Corporate Black NCS S 9000-N
Corporate Red Corporate Red NCS S 1085-Y80R
Corporate Yellow Corporate Yellow NCS S 0580-Y10R
Corporate White Corporate White NCS S 0500-N
Corporate Grey Corporate Grey NCS S 4005-R80B
Corporate Green Corporate Green NCS S 3065-G10Y

Transport Mode Specific Colours

It is essential to maintain consistency when reproducing each colour which has been assigned to specific modes of transport. This section gives a quick reference to all the Transport for London mode specific colours.

Transport Mode Swatch NCS Code
Transport for London Transport for London NCS S 4060-R80B
London Buses London Buses NCS S 1085-Y80R
London Coaches London Coaches NCS S 1070-Y20R
London Dial-a-Ride London Dial-a-Ride NCS S 2050-R40B
Docklands Light Railway Docklands Light Railway NCS S 2050-B50G
London Overground London Overground NCS S 0585-Y50R
London River Services London River Services NCS S 2060-B
Taxi & Private Hire Taxi & Private Hire NCS S 2060-R70B
TfL Rail TfL Rail NCS S 4060-R80B
London Trams London Trams NCS S 0580-G30Y
London Underground London Underground NCS S 4060-R80B

Safety Colours

Safety blue is used exclusively for safety information, however the red, yellow and green safety colours are Corporate Red, Corporate Yellow and Corporate Green, which are used in other situations. All four of these safety colours comply with British safety standards.

Colour Swatch NCS Code
Safety Blue Safety Blue NCS S 3065-R90B
Corporate Yellow Corporate Yellow NCS S 0580-Y10R
Corporate Red Corporate Red NCS S 1085-Y80R
Corporate Green Corporate Green NCS S 3065-G10Y

London Underground Line Colours

Carefully controlled use of the line colours is essential in reinforcing the strength of the London Underground identity. Consistent use of colours across journey planners, signage and information also helps guide passengers to their destination.

Colour Swatch NCS Code
Bakerloo Line Bakerloo Line NCS S 4050-Y50R
Central Line Central Line NCS S 1085-Y80R
Circle Line Circle Line NCS S 0580-Y10R
District Line District Line NCS S 3065-G10Y
Hammersmith & City Line Hammersmith & City Line NCS S 0550-R10B
Jubilee Line Jubilee Line NCS S 4005-R80B
Metropolitan Line Metropolitan Line NCS S 4050-R30B
Northern Line Northern Line NCS S 9000-N
Piccadilly Line Piccadilly Line NCS S 4060-R80B
Victoria Line Victoria Line NCS S 2060-B
Waterloo & City Line Waterloo & City NCS S 1565-B