Jotun Intumescent Paints For Steel

The independently approved Steelmaster range of intumescent passive and reactive fire products from Jotun Paints are available from The steelmaster range offers passive fire protection on structural steel. Steelmaster has been developed to protect structural steels exposed to cellulosic fire for up to 120 minutes. Jotun Steelmaster 60 (a 60 minute intumescent protective coating) is available in both Waterborne and Solvent based versions. Jotun offer a solution for different environments (up to C4 internal ISO 12944-2) and performance requirements. Our technical team have been trained by Jotun to offer if required suitable anti-corrosive primers and top coats. These protective topcoats are available in a wide range of BS4800 and RAL colours.

Many of the Jotun intumescent coatings are suitable for application via brush, roller or by professional airless spray equipment. Intumescent coatings must be applied at the specified dry film thickness. Promain have the specific Jotun programs to calculate the exact quantity of paint required for all structural steels. These quantities will vary depending on the dimensions and the type of steel you need to protect. For example, a square hollow section, I beam, equal or unequal angle, or circular column will all require different loadings to provide the correct protection.

Intumescent coatings are required in order to extend the time before the structural integrity is compromised due to the heat and melting point of the structural steel. This time will allow the building's occupants to evacuate the premises. It will also provide time for the Fire Brigade to enter the building to extinguish the fire.

Always contact us for support and advice to ensure the correct products are specified on 01462 421 333.

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  1. Jotun Steelmaster 1200 WF
    Jotun Steelmaster 1200 WF

    A 1 pack waterborne acrylic thin film intumescent coating. For structural steel exposed to cellluosic fire up to 120 minutes.

    From £344.57 £287.14
  2. Jotun Pilot WF SM
    Jotun Pilot WF SM

    A single pack, water borne acrylic emulsion topcoat for use over Jotun intumescent systems.

    From £75.34 £62.78
  3. Jotun SteelMaster 120SB
    Jotun SteelMaster 120SB

    A one component solvent based acrylic thin film intumescent coating.

    From £543.05 £452.54
  4. Jotun Steelmaster 60SB Solvent Based
    Jotun Steelmaster 60SB Solvent Based

    A solvent based intumescent coating for structural steel exposed to corrosivity category C4 (ISO 12944-2).

    From £427.18 £355.98
  5. Jotun Steelmaster 600WF
    Jotun Steelmaster 600WF

    A one component waterborne acrylic thin film 90 minute intumescent coating.

    From £93.34 £77.78
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