About Pond Paint

Promain supply a select range of pond paints from the leading manufacturers in this industry, including coatings from Teamac, Coo-Var and Centrecoat. The pond paint we provide has been specifically designed for swimming pools and ponds, with constant developments over the last 30 years to improve the way the paint performs.

With extensive knowledge in the pond paint department,  Promain can offer you a heap of advice on the best pond paints, primers and sealers to use when it comes to revitalising your garden pond. Before you paint and prime your pond it is important to fix any damages that might have taken place. We offer a range of sealants that would be ideal for fixing these damages. Check out our range of sealants under the wall and ceiling paints section of this website.

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Bradite Chlorinated Rubber Primer CP26

Bradite Chlorinated Rubber Primer CP26

A single pack high build, anti-corrosive chlorinated rubber based primer containing zinc phosphate.

£78.75 (£94.50 Inc VAT)

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If you're looking for alternatives to G4 pond paint or A1 pond paint, Promain offer a range of professional alternatives to help you seal and waterproof your pond.

With a luxurious waterproof finish that’s friendly towards fish and other pond inhabitants, the paint products we offer you are of high standard, and proven to be very effective. One applied, the pond paint we supply will serve you well for a long time, providing you with a glossy finish that offers the ultimate protection for your pond, especially in moderate to severe corrosive atmospheres.

Painting your Pond

Teamac Chlorinated Rubber Pond Paint is recognised for being extremely resistant to salt water and a wide range of different chemicals and acids. This makes it ideal for painting ponds as they are constantly being attacked by different chemicals and acids from the atmosphere.

As well as ponds, Chlorinated Rubber Paint can also be used to paint swimming pools, marine applications, changing rooms and showers. It can also be used on a range of different surfaces, including, wood, metal, plaster, brick and masonry.

To find out more about using pond paint to paint your garden pond, please take the time to get in touch or browse through the various coatings we have available. Choose from a huge range of pond paint colours to find the coating colour that best suits your garden.