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Classidur AF was market under the name Classidur Tradition but has now been renamed. Classidur AF is a flat matt quick drying stain blocking paint with high resistance to new mould growth. Classidur AF is ideal for historic buildings and churches.The redecoration of surfaces stained with nicotine, dried water or soot are not an isue for the interior of churches and historic buildings that can oftern prove to be a real problem. Many of these buildings have to have work carried out regularly. Repairs to internal walls where lime plaster has been substituted with a cement and sand render, or walls have been recoated over many years with different coatings that are often not suitable for such an application. Classidur AF further benefits from offering a zero tension rapid hardening flat matt finish.

Problems that are often common on these old buildings are crystalline salts residues. These residues migrate out of the walls and form efflorescent salts on the surface. These salts will cause bad adhesion for any new coating be it oil based or acrylic water based. This is where Classidur and Promain can help!

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  1. Classidur ModernPlus2 AF Mat - Formerly Classidur Tradition
    Classidur ModernPlus2 AF Mat - Formerly Classidur Tradition

    A matt indoor stain blocking paint for traditional walls and ceilings. Formerly Classidur Tradition.

    From £240.00 £200.00
  2. *Classidur Tradition Also Known As Classidur AF Mat *CLEARANCE*
    *Classidur Tradition Also Known As Classidur AF Mat *CLEARANCE*

    Please contact our Sales Team for availability.

    From £223.87 £186.56
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