International Paints Intermediate Coatings

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  1. International Intergard 251HS
    International Intergard 251HS

    A two component primer which is ideal for speeding up production and throughput.

    From £281.44 £234.53
  2. International Intercure 384 MIO
    International Intercure 384 MIO

    A two part, high solids, low VOC epoxy micaceous iron oxide intermediate coating.

    From £344.17 £286.81
  3. International Intertherm 875
    International Intertherm 875

    A single component, finish suitable for areas subject to intermediate service temperature that require a coloured finish.

    From £717.28 £597.73
  4. International Intercure 420
    International Intercure 420

    A two component, high solids low VOC epoxy micaceous iron oxide.

    From £337.43 £281.19
  5. International Intergard 475HS
    International Intergard 475HS

    A low VOC, high solids, high build, two component epoxy coating.

    From £318.67 £265.56
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