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PPG’s innovative technology proves that you do not need a three-coat system to obtain the optimum corrosion resistance of a zinc primer and an epoxy midcoat, along with the long-term gloss and color retention of conventional aliphatic polyurethane. Now, with only one coat of zinc primer, plus one coat of our breakthrough PSX 700 coating you get performance equaling, or surpassing, the finest three-coat systems available today. Our unique system uses patented engineered siloxane components delivering the excellent adhesion, toughness, corrosion and chemical resistances of epoxy siloxane. In addition, the PSX 700 coating removes the need to use the traditional mid-coat epoxy to achieve excellent resistant to weathering, exterior gloss and color retention.
The PSX 700 coating offers unsurpassed benefits in three critical performance areas. The benefits are more than just a reduction in coats. Three additional factors set this breakthrough product apart from all others: Unsurpassed performance,  Significant cost savings, Outstanding environmental characteristics.

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  1. PPG PSX 700A Clearcoat Formerly Amercoat 4093
    PPG PSX 700A Clearcoat Formerly Amercoat 4093

    A universal coating which provides protection against damage from natural exposure within industrial, domestic and commercial environments.

    From £363.35 £302.79
  2. PPG PSX 700 Engineered Siloxane
    PPG PSX 700 Engineered Siloxane

    For steel from PPG Sigma, Ameron. Highways Approved Item No.185.

    From £373.15 £310.96
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