PPG SigmaWeld

PPG SIGMA COATINGS products have over 30 years of experience, with a complete range of prefabrication primers for application by both manual and fully automatic blasting and coating facilities. Prefabrication primers provide steel plates and sections with temporary or permanent corrosion protection during transportation and construction. Applications can vary from a temporary blast primer on structural steel to the use as a permanent primer on special 9% nickel carbon steel plates (as used for the inner containment shell in large concrete LNG tanks).

The PPG SIGMAWELD range is also ideally suited for use on land storage tanks and chemical installations. The period of protection provided depends on the technology used and on the exposure conditions encountered during transport, storage and construction.

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  1. PPG SigmaWeld 199
    PPG SigmaWeld 199

    A 2 pack, moisture curing, low zinc silicate prefabrication primer For automatic application on shot blasted steel plates.

    From £304.04 £253.37
  2. PPG SigmaWeld 120
    PPG SigmaWeld 120

    Formerly Amercoat 139. A two component polyamide cured epoxy prefabrication primer.

    From £291.26 £242.72
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