Nullifire SC900 Intumescent Steel Coating Repair Kit

SKU id17897 Non Hazardous
On-Site Intumescent Steel Coating Repair Kit.
Available in 4.7 Kg
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Product Description

Nullifire SC900 repair kit enables seamless repairs to accidental damage in isolated areas in order to preserve fire integrity. Low VOC and no solvent entrapment or prolonged solvent odour.

Best Uses

The SC900 Series Repair Kit enables long-term repairs to accidental damage caused to an SC901 0r SC902 coating.


Please contact our Technical Team for further advice and information before application

The damaged area shold not exceed 150 mm x 150 mm.  The temperature should be above 0°C. To reinstate the base coat to its original thickness use the most appropriate method for the size and type of damage. Mixed SC900 should be worked into the damaged area and let slightly proud of the surrounding surface to minimise work when cured. The SC900 will shrink by about 10% after application.

It is recommended that for areas of high aesthetic appearance, further preparation is undertaken. This may involve using a window scrapper to smooth out surface abrasions.SC900 repair filler can easily be sanded by hand or mechanical sander to provide a flat finish.

IMPORTANT INTUMESCENT PRODUCT NOTE: Always contact Promain’s technical team prior to purchase to obtain a tailored project specification and the advice necessary. The information displayed on this website should only be used as a guide. Promain UK Limited will not be held liable for any resulting damage to property, human life or monetary costs incurred due to incorrect specification, preparation, application or maintenance that has occurred due to negligence by either the purchaser or applicator. This includes your failure to have contacted us to obtain the relevant advice/specification.

Maintenance and Repair

Damaged areas should be abraded back to a sound surface. The surface should then be clean and dry before reapplying. The SC900 repair kit should be used for repairing scratches and chips. Once repaired, the top seal should be reapplied. Refer to Nullifire System SC900 Maintenance Instructions.