About LUL APR Paint Strippers

As the UK's leading supplier of London Underground Section 12 and Rail Track RT98 coatings, Promain are able to offer a range approved water based and solvent bourne industrial strength paint strippers, designed for removing epoxy, polyurethane paints, as well as alkyd paints, artex, varnish, or stains used in the rail industry.

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Paint stripper can also be used for removing some graffiti, so if you have a surface where graffiti needs removing, consider one of the Rail Industry Approved Paint Strippers found in this category. 

Promain supply products from leading manufacturers such as Centrecoat and Tor Strip. Contact the technical team today if you require further information reg paint strippers designed for use in the rail industry. We can specify a paint stripper for you, giving you any extra information you require relating to surface suitability or preparation.