Sika Monotop 620, 25 Kg

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A one component cementitious polymer modified mortar, suitable for interior and exterior use.
Available in 25 Kg bags
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Product Description

Sika MonoTop 620 is a one component cementitious polymer modified mortar, suitable for interior and exterior use.

Sika MonoTop 620 is pre bagged for quality and requires water to mix. Compatible with Sika FerroGard and SikaTop, MonoTop and Sikagard coatings. Sprayable by wet method.

Best Uses

Sika MonoTop 620 is best suited as a concrete pore sealer, leveling mortar or smoothing coat. Able to repair minor defeats, Sika Monotop 620 has a thin layer render suitable for honeycombed concrete for interior and exterior use.


Delaminated, weak, damaged and deteriorated concrete should be repaired using MonoTop repair mortars. High spots can be removed by grinding. Concrete surface should be cleaned and roughened using suitable abrasive blast cleaning techniques or high pressure water blasting [up to 60 mPa (9000 psi)] techniques to achieve acceptable adhesion to the substrate.

Adhesion test average must be >0.8 N/mm2 with no single value below 0.5 N/mm2 for crack bridging coatings and 1.0 N/mm2 with no single value below 0.7 N/mm2 for rigid coatings. When mixing Wet Spray Application : 2.5 to 3.5 L of water for 25kg powder for Hand Application: ~ 4.0 to 4.5 L of water for 25 kg powder. The surface should be pre-wetted to a saturated surface dry condition before application. Pre-fill surface defects before applying as a smoothing coat. Apply Sika MonoTop 620 by spatula or trowel to the required thickness and finish. Where Sika MonoTop-620 is to be overcoated, finishing with a moist neoprene sponge or brush after initial set has taken place is recommended to provide a key for the coating.

Do not overwork Sika MonoTop-620 during or after applying. Should Sika MonoTop-620 mortar be wetted during the initial cure period a white ‘bloom’ may be produced on the surface. This however, does not affect the long term properties of the mortar.

Sika MonoTop Concrete Repair System

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