Teamac Thinner V/607/17

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Thinner for Teamac Anti-Fouling D.
Available in 2.5 Litres
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Product Description

Teamac Thinners V/607/17 is a blend of high quality solvents designed for use with Teamac anti fouling.

Teamac Thinners V/607/17 is available in 2.5 litre tubs and is part of the fantastic Metal, Thinners and Degreasers range that Promain UK Ltd supply.

Best Uses

Teamac Thinners V/607/17 is best used in cooperation with Teamac anti fouling. Anti fouling paints are used on boats and yachts made out of metal, wood or fibreglass and Teamac Thinners 17 can be used to thin the paint out or clean up after use.


Teamac Thinners V/607/17 can be mixed with Teamac Anti fouling D Paint for thinner application or to clean up after use.

Surface and Environment

Teamac Thinners V/607/17 is designed for use on metal, wood or fibreglass primarily but can be used on other surfaces to in all environments.

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