*Teknos Teknostain 1996 Interior Wood Stains

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This product has now been discontinued.

Product Description

Please note, this product has now been discontinued. Contact our technical team for a suitable alternative.

Teknos Teknostain 1996 are a selection of dilutable interior wood stains for internal joinery. These stains are specifically designed to be used under Teknos Teknoclear Aqua series topcoats for a hard wearing, durable finish.

Best Uses

The Teknos Teknostain 1996 Collection provides an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional solvent based wood stains. When used with Teknos Teknoclear Aqua series these stains provides excellent resistance against wear for all interior joinery.

Teknos Teknostain is formed of organic soluble dye that can be diluted with water to ensure you can achieve your desired shade. Each Teknostain 1996 colour can be mixed together enabling you to create bespoke shades. Once the desired colour has been achieved, you can continue to dilute them if required for maximum versatility.

This product is suitable for most common hard woods and softwood specifies as well as laminated and modified timbers. Teknostain 1996 is ideal for internal joinery in bespoke kitchens, internal wooden doors, staircases and balustrades and internal wooden furniture.


Before stain application, surfaces should be sanded to a smooth level using 240 grit paper and then closed off with up to 400 grit. Care must be taken to remove all traces of dust from the surface before applying stain using tack cloths.

Teknostain 1996 can be applied by a variety of methods, however ragging is traditional. Create the base stain mix in a pot or tin to the desired shade. Using a lint free cloth, drench the rag with stain and wring out. Work the stain into the substrate. Once the substrate has been wetted fully, re drench the rag and work the product in all over providing uniformity of colour. Wipe off any excess with the cloth.

Teknostain 1996 must be top coated to seal the stain. Spray apply only. Allow to dry and then sand with up to 400 grit paper if required. Use a tack cloth to remove dust. Apply a final coat of Teknoclear Aqua 1332 to get the desired finish.