Tor Transglaze Clear for Sky Lights, 5 Litres

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Transglaze clear roof paint for skylights roof panels corrugated roof lights, northern lights,
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Product Description

Transglaze Clear is a waterproof coating for skylight glass, which doesn't inhibit the transmission of light and is available from Promain.

Tor Transglaze Clear for Sky Lights is a clear paint coating which is applied directly onto glass. Transglaze Clear provides a waterproof barrier that permits the continuous transmission of light into a building.

Best Uses

Tor Transglaze is best used for use on rooflights, skylights, corrugated asbestos sheets, and north lights.


Tor Transglaze should be applied using a brush or paint roller. We would recommend using a roller for areas which require large coverage. Transglaze can be bought in 5 litre tins and has a coverage rate of 4m sq. per litre.

Surface and Environment

Tor Transglaze can be used internally or externally as a clear paint coating for glass. Transglaze has been specifically designed for use on Skylights.

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