*Centrecoat FireKill Varnish Topcoat

*Centrecoat FireKill Varnish Topcoat

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Firekill Fire Varnish Overcoat available in matt, satin or gloss

Product Description

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FireKill Varnish Topcoat is a clear lacquer fire protective coating for wood substrates available in matt, satin or gloss finishes.

FireKill Varnish Topcoat is a clear lacquer which provides a decorative finish, with fire protection, for prepared timber and timber derivative surfaces. It is designed to protect and enhance BS Class 1 & Class 0 substrates and its special formula provides a hard, durable finish which is suitable for panelling, boarding, doors, light traffic floors and furniture, etc.

Best Uses

FireKill Varnish Topcoat is best used in conjunction with FireKill Basecoat in order to produce the ultimate finish and fire protection. FireKill Varnish Topcoat works to enhance and protect the wood's natural finish and leaves an aesthetically pleasing clear appearance in either matt, satin or gloss finishes.


FireKill Varnish Topcoat can be applied using a brush, roller or airless spray and has a theoretical coverage rate of 10 square metres per litre.

Surface and Environment

FireKill Varnish Topcoat is designed for internal and external use on all surfaces that have been coated with FireKill Basecoat and works best when used as a combined system on timber substrates.

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*Centrecoat FireKill Varnish

*Centrecoat FireKill Varnish

This product is now out of stock.

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