Jotun VISIR Oil Primer Clear

SKU id17020 Non Hazardous
A solvent based clear primer that contains powerful fungicides to protect timber against moulds and prevent wood rotting.
Available in 2.7 Litres in Clear
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Product Description

Jotun VISIR Oil Primer Clear is a water repellent primer for outdoor use to protect wood from mould growth by reinforcing the surface to make it water repellent.

Best Uses

Jotun VISIR Oil Primer Clear works by reinforcing the wooden surfaces such as decking, cladding, balustrade and fencing by making it water repellant. By binding the  loose wood fibres Jotun VISIR Oil Primer Clear provides a good surface for further treatment and prolongs the durability of the paint system. To be used before applying stains - can be used on all new and weather worn external woodwork,as well as impregnated. 

Jotun VISIR Oil Primer Clear recommended under opaque stains and paints - during the cold season (under + 5°C).


Recoat with required finishing coats within 1 month. To ensure proper handling of this product, it is recommended to use protective gloves at all times. It is important to change gloves from time to time with regard to chemical penetration. Use a primer brush, avoid dry brushing. Do not brush across the cladding but apply VISIR Oil Primer Clear in the longitudinal direction of the cladding. The primer must be brushed out thoroughly to prevent the product from forming film on the substrate. Wipe off excess primer from intact substrates.

Available in 2.7 Litres.