*Centrecoat Blackboard, Chalkboard Paint

This product is now discontinued.
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Product Description

Please note this product is now discontinued. Please see our Blackfriar Blackboard Paint as an alternative.

Centrecoat Blackboard, Chalkboard Paint has been specifically developed to produce the perfect writing surface for Liquid Chalk Markers. It transforms old and worn blackboards giving you a fresh looking board to compliment your advert.

Best Uses

Centrecoat Blackboard, Chalkboard Paint is best used to re-enhance, old, worn out blackboards that have been used for years and become almost unmanageable. This product provides a smooth, non-reflective surface that can be written on with ease.


Centrecoat Blackboard, Chalkboard Paint can be applied using brush and roller to provide surfaces with a matt finish that is touch dry after just 15 minutes.

Surface and Environment

Centrecoat Blackboard, Chalkboard Paint can be used internally or externally to provide a surface that can be written and drawn on using a liquid chalk marker. Centrecoat Blackboard Paint can be applied to wood, metal and mdf surfaces and in some cases only one coating is needed on bare wooden substrates.

Technical Details
  • Product Specifications:
  • For interior and exterior use
  • Suitable surfaces are wood, metal, and mdf
  • In some cases only need to apply one coat to bare wood surface
  • Leaves a smooth matt finish ideal for use with Liquid Chalk
  • Non-reflective and hardwearing for external walls
  • Touch dry in 15 minutes
  • Easy to apply with a brush or roller
  • Water based non-flammable & non-toxic