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With over a hundred years of history Blackfriar paints a British company have been formulating and producing quality paints and varnishes in their factory in Bristol. It was in fact Ernest Parsons whilst working at the Ostrich Paint and Varnish works started to formulate his own coatings and finally after eight years decided to create his own company the E. Parsons and Co. palm company. It did not take long for Eamest Parsons to establish an enviable reputation for his varnishes and paints, by the 1920's heavy goods vehicles and cars were relying upon the Blackfriar range of paint for providing corrosion resistant coatings to components such as brake shoes. For read our full Blackfriar paint review listings, view each individual product below.

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  1. Blackfriar Line Marking Paint
    Blackfriar Line Marking Paint

    A quick drying, long-lasting line marking paint for bare concrete, asphalt and painted floors. Ideal for factories, schools, car parks and public areas.

    From £46.99 £39.16
  2. Blackfriar Polyurethane PU Floor Paint
    Blackfriar Polyurethane PU Floor Paint

    For use on garage floors, workshop floors and factory floors etc. and externally on paths drives and paving slabs.

    From £41.11 £34.26
  3. Blackfriar Solar Reflective Roof Paint
    Blackfriar Solar Reflective Roof Paint

    Designed to reflect and dissipate heat and sunlight on roofs.

    From £61.36 £51.13
  4. Blackfriar Acrylic Floor Paint
    Blackfriar Acrylic Floor Paint

    Protects and transforms floors with an attractive, hard wearing, tough and durable finish.

    From £22.90 £19.08
  5. Blackfriar Water Based Epoxy Floor Paint
    Blackfriar Water Based Epoxy Floor Paint

    A two pack product designed to offer a hard wearing, heavy duty coating in heavy traffic areas and is low odour, suitable for internal and external use.

    From £110.70 £92.25
  6. Blackfriar Anti-Slip Floor Paint
    Blackfriar Anti-Slip Floor Paint

    A tough, durable, high opacity floor coating, contains special aggregates for outstanding slip resistance.

    From £27.53 £22.94
  7. Blackfriar Metallic Paint, 500ml
    Blackfriar Metallic Paint, 500ml

    Used to decorate a wide range of items and substrates to produce a metallic finish that will not go unnoticed.

    From £26.11 £21.76

27 Items

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For over 100 years the Parsons family formulated and produced high quality coatings building a sales network through independent retailers supply not only to the craftsman but the DlY's alike. Today the Blackfriar brand is owned by Tor Coatings part of the RPM group of companies and the brand is re-establishing itself as a high street brand producing not only wood care products but a complete range of paints such as anti-slip and smooth floor paints, anti climb paints, interior and exterior varnish, anti-graffiti coatings, oil and stain removers, primers, decking stains, fence preservatives and concrete repair mortars. This range now contains over 70 products and are readily available through a network of independent paint distributors and large DIY superstores.