Blackfriar Concrete Repair Mortar

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A high performance, quick hardening epoxy repair mortar for damaged concrete within heavy traffic areas.
Available in 5 Kg in Grey
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Product Description

Blackfriar Concrete Repair Mortar is a high performance epoxy repair mortar for external or internal concrete, normally applied to a thickness of 5 to 50mm on horizontal surfaces.

Blackfriar Concrete Repair Mortar has been designed for use in heavy traffic areas where where a high performance, quick hardening repair system is required, in order to minimise 'downtime'. This top of the range concrete repair system can be used on a variety of external or internal floors. Blackfriar Concrete Repair rejuvenates damaged surfaces and works to protect against everyday chemical spillages, such as petrol, dilute acids, caustic soda and mineral oils.

Best Uses

Blackfriar Concrete Repair is ideal for repairing damaged and eroded concrete as well as masonry and brick surfaces, where there is a high traffic level. Blackfriar Concrete Floor Repair can be used to fill cracks, holes and large voids and is easy to apply. It offers a quick drying time and excellent protective properties which are stronger than standard concrete. Blackfriar Professional Concrete Repair Mortar is an epoxy repair mortar for floors and masonry which forms a strong permanent bond to concrete, Concrete Repair Mortar can be feather edged, it will not shrink on curing.


Blackfriar Concrete Repair is easy to apply, mixing the two components together (using a mixing board and trowel) until a uniform colour is produced. After trowel application to the damaged surface, the surface will be ready for light traffic after 6 hours and heavy traffic after 12 hours. Blackfriar Professional Concrete Repair Mortar is normally applied to a thickness of 5 to 50mm on horizontal surfaces (up to 10mm on vertical) and can be feather edged to produce a neat finish as long as the main repair is at least 5mm thick.

Surface and Environment

Blackfriar Concrete Repair Mortar is a durable and chemical resistant product that can be used in a variety of environments where concrete has been damaged. Roads, car parks, ramps, driveways, paths and warehouse floors are among the most common places that this multi-purpose, high performance repair system is utilised. strong>Blackfriar Concrete Repair Mortar is suitable for patch repairs to worn or damaged concrete and damaged stair treads. It is suitable for crack filling, relining channels for drainage as well as for forming plinths.

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