Centrecoat Thermoplastic Alphabet Jump

Non Hazardous
Covering an area of over 12m2, the Alphabet Jump game is a great way for children to learn and exersize.
Designed to cover approx 3500mm x 3500mm
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Product Description

The Centrecoat Thermoplastic Alphabet Jump is a colourful product designed for application to hard surfaces found outdoors in school playgrounds.

Best Uses

This product is ideal for teaching small children the alphabet and allows for loads of fun before, during and after school. With colourful, scattered letters, the game teaches children to not only know the alphabet but to look for the answer too. The thermoplastic alphabet jump is perfect for use in primary schools and teaching children of around the age of 4 and older.


Centrecoat have a large range of thermoplastic products available for use in playgrounds, and every single one is easy to apply using a thermoplastic gas torch. The process is quick and easy. All you need to do is blowtorch the thermoplastic alphabet jump on the floor and it will be dry in a matter of seconds. You can then walk or drive over the surface immediately. For more information about how to apply this product take a look at our demonstrative video or give us a call.

Surfaces and Environments

Ideally, you would apply the Centrecoat thermoplastic alphabet jump to a concrete surface, however, you can also apply it to tarmac or any other flat, hard surface found externally in a school playground. Once dry, the graphics will resist against weathering, foot traffic and car traffic too.

Technical Details
  • Thermoplastic Alphabet Jump design for Playgrounds.
  • Designed to cover approx 3500mm x 3500mm.
  • Ideal for use in school playgrounds.
  • Easy to apply clean area and ensure the surface is dry and free of any surface grease or oil, position the required line length and apply heat (using a blow torch).
  • Crisp and clean.
  • Can be driven or walked over immediately.
  • Flexible in hot or cold temperatures. 
Product Video

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