Centrecoat Self Adhesive Hand Rail Tape

Non Hazardous
Self adhesive and can be applied quickly and effectively to all common handrails.
Available in 50 and 100mm x 18.3m Rolls
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Product Description

Centrecoat Hand Rail Grip Tape is becoming an essential component of a modern workplace or public environment, so much so that the UK Building Regulations Act 2000 (part M1 & M2) stipulated that handrails need to be 'slip resistant and not cold to the touch'.

Centrecoat have proactively taken this challenge on board and created products that are unique and possess the solutions to these demanding requirements. 

Best Uses

Centrecoat Hand Rail Grip Tape are best used in all industrial and commercial environments where hand-rails are commonly used and work to provide a surface that is not cold to touch and will not get slippery when exposed to wet conditions.


Centrecoat Hand Rail Grip Tape  is self adhesive and can be applied quickly and effectively to all common handrails. Centrecoat Hand Rail Grip Tape can be cut easily to provide an ideal solution to slippery substrates. Use Edge Fix Adhesive in areas where edges are hard to seal or exposed to regular use, to prevent the edges from lifting.

Surface and Environment 

Centrecoat Hand Rail Grip Tape  can be used on all common railing made from steel, plastic and wood and is ideal for internal or external use in workplaces and industrial environments to ensure maximum safety.

Technical Details


  • Self Adhesive
  • Comfort Cushioned texture
  • Easy to cut and apply
  • Hand rail tape offers an ideal and more importantly cost effective slip solution

Technical Info

  • Available in custom widths pro rata from 12mm up to 1371mm (POA)
  • Available in 50 and 100mm x 18.3m rolls

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