International Intertherm 228HS

SKU id21098 Part A: UN1263 (Class: 3, Pk Grp: III), Part B: UN3470 (Class: 8.3, Pk Grp: II)
A highly cross-linked, two component, high build epoxy phenolic coating.
Available in 20 Litres
£355.00 (£426.00 Inc VAT)
*These colours are for guidance only. Variations between output devices can misrepresent the appearance of an actual colour. Also, we strongly advise that you order your complete paint requirements simultaneously to ensure a uniform batch colour.
£355.00 (£426.00 Inc VAT)

Product Description

International Intertherm 228HS is a highly cross-linked, two component, high build epoxy phenolic coating which combines properties of corrosion and chemical resistance when used in high temperature service.

Intertherm 228HS is a next generation epoxy phenolic coating based upon novolac resin technology.

Best Uses

Intertherm 228HS has been specifically designed to provide a corrosion resistant barrier when used to protect steelwork beneath thermal insulation in areas subjected to wet and dry cycling. Suitable for exposure in a wide range of highly corrosive environments, including insulated and uninsulated carbon and stainless steel for use on the exterior of pipework, process vessels etc., operating at temperatures up to 230°C (446°F).

Intertherm 228HS has excellent resistance to "thermal shock" experienced during rapid temperature cycling.


All surfaces to be coated should be clean, dry and free from contamination. Prior to paint application all surfaces should be assessed and treated in accordance with ISO 8504:2000. Where necessary, remove weld spatter and where required smooth weld seams and sharp edges. Oil or grease should be removed in accordance with SSPC-SP1 solvent cleaning.

Abrasive Blast Cleaning
This product must only be applied to surfaces prepared by abrasive blast cleaning to Sa2½ (ISO 8501-1:2007) or SSPC-SP10. A sharp, angular surface profile of 50-75 microns (2-3 mils) is recommended. Intertherm 228HS must be applied before oxidation of the steel occurs. If oxidation does occur the entire oxidised area should be reblasted to the standard specified above. Surface defects revealed by the blast cleaning process should be ground, filled or treated in the appropriate manner.

Power Tool Cleaning (Small Areas Only)
Intertherm 228HS is suitable for application over power tool cleaned surfaces prepared to a minimum of SSPCSP11. Note, all scale must be removed and all areas which cannot be prepared adequately should be spot blasted to a minimum standard of Sa2 (ISO 8501-1:2007) or SSPC-SP6.

Stainless Steel
Ensure surface is clean, dry and free from metal corrosion products prior to coating. Light sweep with non-metallic and chloride free abrasive (e.g. aluminium oxide or garnet) to obtain anchor profile of approximately 50 microns (2 mils).

Material is supplied in two containers as a unit. Always mix a complete unit in the proportions supplied. Once the unit has been mixed it must be used within the
working pot life specified. Agitate Base (Part A) with a power agitator. Combine entire contents of Curing Agent (Part B) with Base (Part A) and mix thoroughly with power agitator.

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