KEIM Restauro Lasur

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A sol-silicate-based, ready to use thin layer coating/mineral stain, for low pigmented coatings on natural stone.
Available in 5 and 15 Litres
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*These colours are for guidance only. Variations between output devices can misrepresent the appearance of an actual colour. Also, we strongly advise that you order your complete paint requirements simultaneously to ensure a uniform batch colour.
£132.75 (£159.30 Inc VAT)

Product Description

KEIM Restauro-Lasur is a sol-silicate-based, ready to use thin layer coating/mineral stain, for low pigmented coatings on natural stone.

Best Uses

In combination with KEIM Restauro-Fixativ, KEIM Restauro-Lasur is particularly suited to provide a low-pigment, colour-matching finish on sandstone surfaces, e.g. to equalise the colour of repairs to the original stone substrate. KEIM Restauro-Lasur and KEIM Restauro-Fixativ are miscible with one another in any ratio, depending on the desired final effect. For low absorbent substrates KEIM Granital Dilution Spezial-Fixativ is to be used. Not suitable for horizontal and inclined surfaces exposed to weathering.

KEIM Restauro-Lasur has water repellent properties and fulfills the requirements of DIN 18363 sect. 2.4.1.

  • Good water repellency
  • Protection from weathering and erosion
  • Absolutely lightfast and UV resistant
  • Minimal soiling
  • Retains original stone appearance
  • Mineral matt surface
  • Stone colour can be matched


The mineral substrate must be dust-free and dry. Poorly adhering existing coatings must be removed.

Pre-fixing: Highly absorbent or sanding substrates require a colourless pre-fixing treatment with undiluted KEIM Restauro-Fixativ.

Low-pigment Lasur finishes: In exterior applications, two coats must be applied to ensure weather resistance. If a particularly transparent finish is desired, just one low-pigment coat may be applied provided that KEIM Restauro-Fixativ has been used to pre-fix the substrate.

Priming coat: The priming coat should generally be applied by brush in highly diluted form. Dilution ratio: 1:1 to 1:20 with KEIM Restauro-Fixativ or KEIM Granital Dilution Spezial-Fixativ.

Finishing coat: The finishing coat may be applied, depending on the desired finish, using KEIM Restauro-Lasur in undiluted form or diluted with KEIM Restauro-Fixativ or KEIM Spezial-Fixativ.

Especially in the case of thin low-pigment finishes, additional moisture-proofing may be necessary on surfaces exposed to severe water loads or to protect moisture-sensitive building materials. In such cases, it is recommended to apply a water-repellent priming coat with KEIM Silangrund and to use KEIM Spezial-Fixativ as diluent for Restauro-Lasur.

A waiting time of 12 hours must be allowed between prefixing and the low-pigment coating, while a waiting time of 24 hours must be allowed between coats of low-pigment coating. In the case of priming with KEIM Silangrund, the following coat of low-pigment coating should be applied after approx. 4 hours

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