About Classidur Church Paint

The redecoration of the interior of churches and historic buildings can prove to be a real problem. Many of these buildings have to have work carried out regularly. Repairs to internal walls where lime plaster has been substituted with a cement and sand render, or walls have been recoated over many years with different coatings that are often not suitable for such an application.

Problems that are often common on these old buildings are crystalline salts residues. These residues migrate out of the walls and form efflorescent salts on the surface. These salts will cause bad adhesion for any new coating be it oil based or acrylic water based. This is where Classidur and Promain can help!

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Often old limewash or distemper coatings have been applied some with a chalky finish that prove to be very difficult for paints to adhere to. This is where Classidur Tradition is the answer.

Classidur Tradition has zero tension. This means that there is no internal stress in the paint meaning that Classidur will not peel off the wall or ceiling. Another added benefit is that Classidur will adhere to chalky surfaces and even surfaces that are contaminated with dirt, nicotine and soot.

Also, Classidur Tradition has been especially formulated with an added biocidal that will eliminate mould or algae - a common problem in churches. This is normally due to a lack of ventilation and air movement. Classidur Tradition also offers a very high degree of permeability that will allow any moisture in the walls, caused by leaks or a lack of a damp proof course in the wall, to transmit through the paint and evaporate into the atmosphere.