Classidur Stain Blocking

About Classidur Stain Blocking

Classidur are probably best known as the world leaders for their range of initiative fast drying water based and solvent based stain blocking paints. They are formulated for stopping a wide range of stains from nicotine stains and water stains to tannings from timber as well as probably the most difficult stain of all soot.

Classidur are recognized as being the world leaders in stain blocking coatings, and many companies have tried to formulate coating similar to Classidur’s products but none have managed.

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Classidur have developed a patented system know as Catonic Technology. This technology creates an impermeable barrier stopping stains from coming through the coating.

Other advantages are that Classidur are able to offer zero tension that significantly reduces the chance of the paint from flaking, peeling and even blistering. Available in  water based the Classidur Aquaclassic or Superclassic all offer the highest quality most effective stain blocking available.