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  1. KEIM Restauro Lasur
    KEIM Restauro Lasur

    A sol-silicate-based, ready to use thin layer coating/mineral stain, for low pigmented coatings on natural stone.

    From £192.60 £160.50
  2. KEIM Restauro Fixativ
    KEIM Restauro Fixativ

    A sol-silicate based binding agent for use with the Keim Restauro Lasur colour wash system. Reacts chemically with the surface.

    From £145.50 £121.25
  3. KEIM Restauro Fuge
    KEIM Restauro Fuge

    A mineral dry bagged pre-mixed restoration mortar with hydraulic binders designed as a joint restoration material.

    From £232.20 £193.50
  4. KEIM Restauro Top
    KEIM Restauro Top

    A mineral dry bagged pre mixed restoration mortar with hydraulic binders used for professional stone repair.

    From £232.20 £193.50
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