PPG Anti-Fouling Coatings

The reliable, tin-free antifouling system. The Sigma ECOfleet range offers reliable antifouling performance backed up by an extensive track record in fouling protection. The technology has been adapted to ensure that all ship types and operation characteristics can be accommodated. The environmental impact of antifouling has come under closer scrutiny over the past years, but operators are still striving for optimal efficiency in the face of fluctuating fuel costs.

For over 20 years, our research and development scientists have worked on biocide-free technologies to keep a ship’s underwater hull fouling free for prolonged periods. This innovative R&D process has resulted in the development of the SIGMAGLIDE range of fouling release coatings, with the first composition SIGMAGLIDE LSE being launched in 1995. Since then, PPG’s policy of intensive, continuous development has focused on ways to improve performance whilst minimizing the product’s ecological footprint.

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  1. PPG SigmaGlide 1290
    PPG SigmaGlide 1290

    An anti fouling release finish coat based on 100% pure silicone binder technology.

    From £2,671.10 £2,225.92
  2. PPG SigmaGlide 790
    PPG SigmaGlide 790

    A two component silicone based tie-coat for fouling release systems that can be used on any new build or maintenance project.

    From £1,440.00 £1,200.00
  3. PPG Sigma Ecofleet 530
    PPG Sigma Ecofleet 530

    A high activity TBT-free self-polishing antifouling, Complies with IMO Antifouling Systems Convention.

    From £972.00 £810.00
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