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Depending on the zinc level of the PPG SigmaZinc product, the required performance protection of the asset can be obtained. The PPG SIGMAZINC range has a long track record, with proven, long-term performance in the most aggressive environments, such as offshore, where salt and humidity are inevitable.
Heavy-duty applications such as bridges, petrochemical plants and offshore assets require maximum protection, sometimes more than can be provided by conventional systems.
The SIGMAZINC product portfolio offers a complete range of high-quality zinc primers that can be used as a primer in systems with epoxies and polyurethane topcoats.
SIGMAZINC products are excellent primers in coating systems that meet international standards such as ISO 12944 and NORSOK M501.

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  1. PPG Dimetcote 9 Formerly SigmaZinc 9
    PPG Dimetcote 9 Formerly SigmaZinc 9

    Low temperature curing protection of structural steel. Formerly SigmaZinc 170 and SigmaZinc 9.

    From £342.00 £285.00
  2. PPG SigmaZinc 105 Primer
    PPG SigmaZinc 105 Primer

    A two component, quick drying, anti-corrosive zinc epoxy primer for use onto suitably prepared steel.

    From £468.00 £390.00
  3. PPG SigmaZinc 158
    PPG SigmaZinc 158

    A two component moisture curing zinc ethyl silicate primer that offers anti-corrosive protection to structural steel and is suitable for use as a syst...

    From £587.41 £489.51
  4. PPG SigmaZinc 19 Zinc Rich Epoxy
    PPG SigmaZinc 19 Zinc Rich Epoxy

    Formerly Amercoat 160 HF. A one component zinc rich epoxy primer.

    From £114.91 £95.76
  5. PPG SigmaZinc 68 GP
    PPG SigmaZinc 68 GP

    A 2 pack, high solids polyamine adduct cured zinc rich epoxy primer. Meets Norsok M-501 Rev. 6, System 1.

    From £267.84 £223.20
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