Paint Strippers

Are you unable to remove paint by shot blasting or the surface is too delicate to blast? You will need to remove the paint or anti-fouling by either sanding with a mechanical sander or you can apply a paint stripper.

More modern paint strippers work much slower than older traditional paint strippers. It is recommended that the paint stripper is kept moist by overcoating a plastic sheet over the stripped area. This will reduce the evaporation of the paint stripper and allow it longer to work.

Owatrol produce Marine Strip - a solvent free gel that will remove up to 8 coats of paint at one time. Owatrol DSP 800 is a powerful "Dichloromethane" free gel, and multi-purpose stripper. It is suitable for the removal of all coating types - Alkyd, Acrylic, PU, Epoxy, Cellulose, RSE (semi-thick coating), RPE (thick plastic coating) and more. It is also fast acting and is suitable for removing powder coatings and two pack paints.

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