*ATAK Road and Hard Surface Line Striper Tr-Mk

Non Hazardous
ATAK Pitch Marker (Formerly Fox Valley Road Line Marking Machine) for Roads eg. Car parks, Parking Bays, Striping, Double Yellow Lines.
Designed primarily for hard surfaces and is ideal for use on roads.
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Product Description

Please note this product is currently out of stock. Please see Ampere Perfekt Line Striper as an alternative.

The ATAK Pitch Marker, (Formerly Fox Valley Road and Hard surface Line Striper) is an extremely strong product that allows for intricate work when you remove the handle from the system.

Promain UK Ltd makes it our aim to only bring our customers the best products on the market, and this ATAK Line Marking Machine is top of the bill for saving money and producing a sharp, high quality finish.

Best Uses

The ATAK Pitch Marker (Fox Valley Road and Hard Surface Line Striper) has an impact resistant shell that offers the system extra strength and is best used for producing an accurate line to a variety of different surfaces. Unlike other Line Marking Machines, The ATAK Road and Hard surface Line Striper has an adjustable width indicator and guide arrow built in so you can choose the thickness of line that you want to apply.


The ATAK Road and Hard surface Line Striper is so simple to use and once the aerosols have been fitted into place you are on your way to producing excellent results. During application the Line Striper can shake up to 3 extra cans in preparation for the next application of change of colour.

Surface and Environment

The ATAK (formerly Fox Valley) Road and Hard surface Line Striper is designed primarily for hard surfaces and is ideal for use on roads and hard surfaces where the need for accurate results is a must. This product can be used in conjunction with ATAK Traffic Paint to produce the best results over and over again.

Technical Details
  • The ATAK Pitch Marker is extremely strong and easy to use.
  •  Removable handle for intricate work.
  •  Can shake up to three extra paint cans while marking ready for your next application or colour change.
  •  Impact resistant body for strength.
  •  Adjustable line width indicator & guide arrow.
  •  Detachable handle may be used separately - two in one product.
  • Not suitable for Grass Marking see the large wheel version for this application.