Sherwin Williams Heat-Flex Hi-Temp 1200

UN1263 (Class: 3, Pk Grp: III)
A 1 pack inert multipolymeric matrix coating that outperforms alternatives in combating corrosion under insulation (CUI) and in high heat applications.
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Product Description

Sherwin Williams Heat-Flex Hi-Temp 1200 is the next generation single component inert multi-polymeric matrix coating that outperforms alternatives in combating corrosion under insulation (CUI) and in high heat applications. Norsok M-501 System 9.

Best Uses

Sherwin Williams Heat-Flex Hi-Temp 1200 recommended uses include applying direct to steel or stainless steel, as a coating under insulation, for cyclic service up to 649°C, acceptable for use on cryogenic equipment, for use over properly prepared steel surfaces, either insulated or uninsulated.

Areas of application include: Power Plants, Refineries, Chemical Facilities, Offshore/Marine, Pulp and Paper. Benefits include: Resists corrosion under insulation, resists stress corrosion cracking, Application surface temperatures from ambient to 260°C, Operating surface temperatures cryogenic to 649°C. Heat curing not required to cure and provide corrosion resistance, Self priming, single component, No maximum recoat time.


Prepare stainless steel or carbon steel to SSPC-SP10. Surface must be clean, dry, and in sound condition. Remove all oil, dust, grease, dirt, loose rust, and other foreign material to ensure adequate adhesion. When using spray application, use a 50% overlap with each pass of the gun to avoid holidays, bare areas, and pinholes. If necessary, cross spray at a right angle. See data sheets for in depth info.

Technical Details


  • Norsok M-501 System 9

Technical Info

Components: Single Pack
Type: Inert multipolymeric matrix coating
Finish: Low Sheen
Stock Colours: Grey, Dark Grey and Aluminium
Tintable: No
VOC Content: <375 g/L
Volume Solids: 57% ± 2%
Suitable Substrates: Carbon Steel / Stainless Steel
Application Method: Brush, Roller, Airless Spray or Conventional Spray
Theoretical Coverage: 4.5 m2/L
Wet Film Thickness (WFT): Min: 100 microns, Max: 250 microns
Dry Film Thickness (DFT): Min: 57 microns, Max: 3.7 microns
Induction Time: -
Pot Life: -
Touch Dry: 30 minutes at 10°C
Overcoatable: 3 hours at 10°C
To Ship: 24 hours at 10°C
Cleaner / Thinner: Clean up: Xylene
Shelf Life: 12 months from date of production unopened
Packaging: Available in 11.34 Litres

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