*3M Granular Aggregate - WD093 - HD091 - LD092 - XD090

Non Hazardous
This product is now discontinued.
Please see Centrecoat WD093 product for the available version of 3M's discontinued aggregate.
Out of stock
Product Description

Please note this product is now discontinued, however we do have the following alternative options: Centrecoat Anti Slip Aggregate Additive, or Centrecoat WD093 Aggregate. If you require further advice, please contact our Technical Team on 01462 421333 who will be happy to help.

3M Scotchkote Granular Aggregate is part of the accessory range that Promain UK Ltd provides to aid those in charge of painting and maintenance. 3M Scotchkote Granular Aggregate is available in 4 different aggregate sizes to help produce an anti-slip finish.

Best Uses

3M Scotchkote Granular Aggregate is best used in environments where an anti slip finish is an essential requirement to ensure the safety of building users, whether that be staff or pedestrians. 


3M Scotchkote Granular Aggregate can be applied by mixing the aggregate into the substance prior to application or by scattering the aggregate over the wet surface and rolling in.

Surface and Environment 

3M Scotchkote Granular Aggregate can be used in conjunction with other Scotchkote Floor Coatings to ensure a non slip finish with high abrasion, available in black or clear.

Technical Details
  • 3M Slip Resistant Granular Aggregate is available in Brown or Grey
  • The anti-slip aggregate is available in 4 different grades
  • WD 093, HD 091, XD 090 available in 4 kg bags
  • LD 092 available in 3Kg bags
  • Consult the liquid product data sheet or speak to our technical department to determine the recommended spreading rate for the agregate you wish to purchase.

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