About Centrecoat Metal

Centrecoat produce a range of paint coatings that include paints for metal, these are regularly specified by council engineers for railings, and other street furniture such as benches, railings, litter bins, doors and lamp posts as well as structural steel or children's playground furniture. This metal paint is available in over 35,000 colours, so Promain can easily match any colour you may require. Centrecoat Fast Dry Gloss is a single pack metal paint that contains polyurethane that prevents the paint that has been applied to metal surfaces from fading in the harmful UV rays produced by the sun.

Polyurethane has been added to this long lasting metal paint to increases the life expectancy of the paint. Our metal paints create a barrier that stops water penetration stopping rust developing. A further benefit is an enhanced and long life expectancy for the gloss level making any metal structure look good for longer. Centrecoat Fast Dry Gloss is an ideal coating to apply over the Centrecoat Moisture Tolerant Primer, again a single pack metel primer that contains fish oil a proven additive that helps combat rust.

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Whether you need a fast drying metal paint as a topcoat or an ultra protective rust primer, Promain have the solution for you. With Centrecoat Metal Paints, you are literally getting the best of both worlds, through decorative finishes and protective coatings. Centrecoat Fast Dry Gloss and Fast Dry Satin  metal paints are both made using rust inhibitors that help protect metal against rusting and corrosion. It's the protective additive that Centrecoat use that make their paints so popular on not only a national scale but an international scale too.

If you require further information on the range of Centrecoat Metal Paints for steel or any of the other coatings we have available please feel free to call the technical department at Promain and we will be delighted to provide you with a written specification or offer further advice on the best metal paints to use to meet your requirements.