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Classidur Paint for Walls and Ceilings

With its long history of producing some of the world's finest paints developed from some of the most advanced paint technology, Classidur have become highly respected in the paint industry. Classidur have developed coatings than many larger and better known paint manufacturers have tried to copy without success.

Classidur are best known for their Classidur Tradition. Tradition is a solvent based emulsion that offers zero tension meaning that there is no stresses in the paint stopping it from cracking of flaking. This in turn increases its adhesion to the existing coating or substrate.

Classidur Tradition also offers an extremely high degree of water permeability. This makes it ideal for application to walls that have no damp proof course. This is a common feature in old and historic building such as churches or timber framed buildings.

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Classidur Tradition also contains a unique biocidal to combat mould and unsightly black spot. This is a common occurrence in buildings that suffer from poor ventilation. Tradition has become regularly specified by architects as well as English Heritage and other listed buildings organisations. Classidur Modern Plus (also known as Golden Classic) is very similar to Classidur Tradition but with out the biocidal. This makes it this ideal for modern buildings that offer better air flow and ventilation.

Classidur Universal Xtrem Primer is a high performance, fast drying, water based adhesion primer and stain blocker in one. It incorporates patented Cationic Technology to increase its ability to cover dried water stains, scoot, nicotine and even wood tannins.

For people who prefer using water based emulsions, Classidur have developed Classidur Aquasil Mat. This is a beautiful, dead flat, high opacity emulsion that offers all the benefits of Classidur Modern Plus as well as being solvent free and containing synthetic micro-fine components (siloxanes) that make this paint extremely hard wearing and able to offer good natural UV and mould resistance.