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Osmo recognise that in order to obtain a high quality looking finish you require the highest quality tools. Osmo have developed a range micro fibre rollers and 100% natural hair floor brushes to produce that professional looking finish every time. The micro fibre rollers and bristle brushes help you apply the correct quantity of Polx-Oil to the floor reducing wastage as well as applying an even coating. To help maintain the beauty of your floor Osmo offer the Opti-set a 4 piece maintenance kit comprising of a dust mop a floor cloth designed to fit the mop  when applying Osmo Wash and Care an active fibre cloth for easy application of Osmo Liquid Wax Cleaner to oiled and waxed wooden flooring. A handy maintenance kit has been produced containing Liquid Wax Cleaner, Wash and Care, 3 cloths and a polishing pad making cleaning and maintaining the aesthetics and rejuvenating of your wooden flooring easier.

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  1. Osmo Maintenance Oil
    Osmo Maintenance Oil

    Specially developed for the most demanding wooden floors treated with Osmo Polyx®-Oil.

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Osmo Wax Cleaner has been proven to be an excellent cleaner not only for wooden floors but an effective cleaner for cork, linoleum, plastic, marble and unglazed tiles. After using brushes to apply wax oils on cladding decking and other timber around the home it is important to clean you paint brushes and rollers, for solvent based paints, coatings as well as earwax oils we would suggest the Osmo Brush Cleaner formulated to save time when cleaning brushes and other painting utensils. Osmo Brush Cleaner is also suitable as a thinner for the Osmo solvent based paints and stains. Before painting any outdoor timber we would always suggest the use of a fungicidal cleaner such as the Osmo Green growth Remover 6606 this will gently clean and remove moss and algae from plastic, stone, tiles and well as treated and non-treated timber. 

This self-activating low odour cleaner will also reduce fresh growth stopping new coatings deteriorating for longer. The Osmo Furniture Maintenance Kit contains Wood Reviver, Teak Oil Spray Buffing Fleece and a Stiff Brush all the products required for restoring teak and hardwood garden furniture. Osmo are committed to producing the highest quality products for timber be it new or weathered so that the end user can feel confident that their wood is well protected.